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Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam update!

Well, we're almost halfway through the Kickstarter campaign for my new comic Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam, so I thought I'd provide an update. Right now we're at 87% funded, so it's going pretty well. The campaign is in the dead zone at the moment, so I'm grinding out cross promotion posts and stuff like that to try and get some more eyeballs on things. I also recently added 11x17 prints to the add-ons, and that helped, as several people adjusted their pledges upwards. It was a request from a backer, s


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Comic Trading Challenge- June 21st 2021

The Premise So this is an idea I have seen done but I decided to tackle it in my own way. Basically, what I am going to do is see how far I can get by taking two books and a set amount of cash and seeing how far I can go with it through trades and purchases. To start, a couple rules: 1. I will have $500 in cash to spend. I feel like this is a modest budget that a collector would have and I want to see how long I can stretch it. The goal is a year. This money can be spent on other books

$37,200 vs $158

I recently watched the Mile High II CGC 10 copy of Thor 156 sell for a staggering $37,200 on Heritage Auctions. I had been looking to upgrade my 9.4 to at least a 9.6 for some time. Thor 156 is common in high grades similar to Thor 132. Not that hard to find. Seeing that copy, it lit a fire under me to finally get an upgrade. I managed to find a 9.6 on a dealer site for $210 but he had a promotion so I got it for $158. I'd love to have the 10 but for 99% of collectors it's not going to happen..


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Bill Sienkiewicz Signing

So with CGC backlog and the in house signings being announced almost daily, I decided I would send a couple more . This one I was torn on which books to send as there were several I had been considering.  Ultimately I decided on these two and opted for the remark.  Will see how this goes.  1st is New Mutants  #26( was CGC 9.6)  . I requested a Legion head sketch.  next is Transformers #1 (1st print) . I requested an Optimus Prime head sketch.   all prepped.  

My new comic Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Hello, good friends! I'm excited to announce that my newest comic, Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam, is now officially LIVE on Kickstarter! This one is written by me, but with art by Jay Piscopo. The story: at the height of World War II, a secret cult tries to summon the dread Cthulhu, and only one person can save the world -- Uncle Sam! I've shared some of the covers and art before, but here's a look at all 6 covers:


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How many copies of issue does a person really need?

Just got done with putting a custom set together in my Registry of all my “Aurora Comic Scenes” collection doubles and realized I have more copies than any normal collector should. I mean, who needs 5 copies of the Lone Ranger issue. Oh wait, that’s not the worst of it, how about 9 copies of the Batman issue. I seem to justify the Batman issue by thinking he’s a very popular character and people will always want one of these issue as time goes by. Don’t think that’s really going to happen and so


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Almost done......

Ever since I returned from deployment in 2013. I started reading and collecting Invincible. I made a post a few years ago about almost being done with having ever issue. Well Completed that task right before I deployed again in 2019. Now I am at the point in this journey that I only lack 17 more comics to get graded in 9.6 or above. It's been awesome. I've read and reread the story several times. For me it's one of those that you can never get tired of. And since the release of the show I have b


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What do I need now?

Six years ago I asked everybody in the CGC registry world what I needed to  get before it was too late. I recounted the story of how I missed out on acquiring an AF 15 and ASM 1-10 that I regret to this day. I then threw out my sleeper prediction... Strange Tales annual 2. I still believe that book is sound asleep. The suggestions I got were Daredevil 1, Avengers 55 and Avengers 57. I got all three and I am glad I did. What do I need to get now?


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Cthulhu Vs. Uncle Sam: Launch Party and Variant Covers

Hello everyone! I'm excited to share with you a live launch party for my new comic Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam that I will be hosting on Sunday, June 27, at 7 pm ET. Everyone is welcome to join in!     I also wanted to share some of the variant covers with you. This one is by Ryan Mendoza, the regular artist on Miskatonic High. This will be limited to 250 copies printed, and there will also be a virgin variant with just 50 copies printed:      


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J X + x: [not] “finally”

Thanks for your help;   I just saw The Census, but ...    there is no second line    in the Set Score Details, and    the points value is the same.    Is this version, of this book,    worth MORE points?    How ‘scarce’...    are these,    in comparison,    to the rest of the printrun?    Isn’t this book,    more desirable than any of   the.. ‘regulars’?    Again, thank you for your attent

My First CGC Submission...Has Returned!

Well, back in February, I sent some of my books of to be graded for the first time. A great thanks to @thirdgreenham for assisting in this! Anyways, I thought I would share and talk about the results and what I learned. So let's get started with... X-Men #101 CGC 8.0   So originally, I had graded this as a 6.5-7.0 unpressed. I felt that the slight colour fade/loss to the top left of the banner and the fact that the back cover was dirtied would have it fall there.

Reunited with a long lost friend😊

It all started in 1971 when I was just a kid digging around inside a box of comics at a local garage sale.   "10 cents each" was written on the box which seemed like a small fortune to a 5 year old kid.  But in that moment I found a comic that stood out to me Mad #1.  With my dime I proudly marched to a small folding table where an elderly lady held out her hand and asked "did you find something?" Proudly I responded "yes!" grinning from ear to ear.  From that moment on I eagerly awaited th

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Who Owns This Book, And Are You Willing To Sell It?

An extremely hard to find issue of HOM. And it just so happens to be my favorite Neal Adams HOM cover. This book was listed on the Comic Link for sale section a few years back, along with other DC horror books belonging to the Mass. pedigree. After a while, the seller pulled all of them from the site. I'm interested in making an offer for it, since it's next to impossible to find on the market. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

john ivic

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Post Key Issue Price difference

What would be the most underwhelming thing on this planet? Owning Incredible Hulk #182. As a mini project I’ve rounded up a couple comic issues following keys as a price comparison. Of coarse, a book with the first appearance of Wolverine will sell more than a book where Wolverine now exists in universe for all eternity, so this is more of a comparison of the price drop between issues. Hey, to kick it off let’s look at Incredible Hulk #182. The Incredible Hulk #182 (1974) Fo


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Art work by Jim Cheung

Just added to my collection. Limited edition from original art by Jim Cheung, depicts the classic characters Nick Fury and Captain America. Jim Cheung was named as one of 2005's "Young Guns" by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, and has been described as a "future superstar penciller." "Secret Warriors #17" is a limited edition numbered giclee on canvas by Jim Cheung presented by Marvel Comics. This piece comes gallery wrapped. Includes Certificate of Authenticity! Measures approx. 18" x 27" (i

Conan 37

Picked this up on eBay the other day. There were a few other issues in this title with inking duties assigned to Neal Adams, but this is the only one where he did the complete layouts. And a pretty cool cover too! I'm unable to save the image from eBay. An upgrade from my previous copy, which was a 9.4.

Slowly but surely!

Found yet another gem on eBay for my DC Bicentennial Set - Kamandi #43 CGC 9.8. Although it's Off-White to White Pages, I can't be picky since it upgrades my 9.4 copy and adds 60 points to my set. That brings my total of 9.8s in the set to 18 and my total points to 3,322. Yay!

Is there a market for Archie comics right now?

We have inherited a huge collection of comics including a lot of Archie, Jughead, etc.  Looking at the records, our uncle was expecting to ask for over $200 on some of the Jugheads and That Wilkins Boy; however, I don't see that much of a market for them on Ebay right now.  Are these better sold at conventions or is there a network of private collectors for them?  


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Amazing Spider-man #238

So this is one that I bought from a fellow boardie.  @Azkaban It currently sits in a CGC 8.5 case and presents better. The graders notes say:  Light spine stress lines to cover, Very light creasing to cover. I am sending it to Joey over at CFP to have him work some magic on it before it making the trip to CGC. Here are high resolution scans of it currently.   and the package ( although not showing label)  like the other entries.  I will update this when the book gets back fro

Sara Frazetta Signing

Today I just got in my raw books that I am sending in for the Sara Frazetta signing.  I ordered 3 from KRS and of them only 2 really made the cut. One had two color breaking spine ticks. I chose the Mars Attacks Red Sonja #5 as I really liked the cover and similarly to Frank's work. Here are the raw pictures.   Also tried to make sure they could not miss this package in their mountain of  submissions.  

Amazing Spider-Man #134 CGC 9.8 WP: 1st appearance of the Tarantula & the 2nd appearance of the Punisher in cameo on last page!

Amazing Spider-Man #134 features the 1st appearance of the Tarantula & the 2nd appearance of the Punisher in cameo on last page! In July of 1974, writer Gerry Conway and artist Ross Andru introduced us to a new animal-themed supervillain known as the Tarantula! Inspired by the political events that were taking place in South America (especially in Chile) during the early 1970’s, Mr. Antonio "Anton" Miguel Rodriguez served as a revolutionary against dictatorship in the fictional Republic

End Of The Adams Era At DC

Won this at the recent Comic Link auction. Quite the cover by famous horror artist Bernie Wrightson. But this book happens to be pretty much the last of Neal Adams' interior artwork at DC. A career that started with the company in 1967, Adams would end up redefining Batman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, and make Deadman his own. After this book, the only interior work Adams did for DC was the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali treasury edition in 1978. After that it would be decades before his return to DC.

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Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam!

Hello, friends! I'm excited to announce that my new comic book, Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam, will be going live on Kickstarter on June 28.  I think the high concept pretty much explains itself, but: at the height of World War II, a group of Nazi cultists attempt to summon Cthulhu. Only one person can stop them: Uncle Sam! Unlike The Crimebusters, I am not doing the art for this. It just takes too long for me to draw, and I realized that if I want to produce more comics, I need to hire artists


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