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Books I want to own....... drooling on the cover....Peanuts 4

I am a rather devoted Neal Adams collector, but I have a fondness for Peanuts books as well. My earliest recollection is from when I started to get back into comic books in 1994. I was at a convention in Detroit, the first one I had ever attended. And there, I found a dealer selling a raw copy of this issue. I instantly had to have it and it started my journey back into comic books. I later went on to have it graded and it came back a CGC 9.4. When I sold my first collection, I sold it as well.

Peanuts #1 - the one-off issue from 1953

Just got this book in from Bob Storms of HighGradeComics. It is a VG copy of a very rare book. Printed in 1953 it is the first comic book to be titled Peanuts.  I will add pictures of the interior to document the sweet Chuck Brown stories. I have owned several copies of this book over the years and ended up selling a few to people in Japan, years ago. While maybe not an iconic cover, the characters certainly are. I think the girl is a character called "Patty" but not to be confused with Pep

Neal Adams - Archie work

I was sorting through and indexing all of my magazines and I came across the Neal Adams index from 1974. Wow, what fun. But the index does include the Archie work. It is not very defined, but titles are there. Maybe we can all find them together.  


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Neal Adams - thank you

Yeah, I knew Neal; I knew him well. You see he used to draw for me from some never ending well of talent and color; creations built upon a mighty palette. A wheel that circled and changed, brought forth lines and magic for my eager mind to absorb. He would tell me stories of heroes and villains; equal to both so that neither were greater. He put me to bed and then made it fly, shrieks of terror and nowhere to hide. He penciled the man with Super powers and he did this for me so I could understan

A moment in time ..... Topography of Terror

Visiting Berlin I came upon the outside portion of the museum called the Topography of Terror. It is a history of the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany leading up to War World II. And while that history is never easy to learn, or learn again, it is a must to see and read. Being outside brings on to feel the elements on the body while the soul is forced to encounter the deeds. While no claims of the most unjust can ever be made, I found this picture, this moment in time, to be the f

In My Tribe - a tribute to a snippet in time

In My Tribe I joined a band 10,000 strong devoted to the mirth and song I danced and laughed and cried along acting right and acting wrong Memories burned and seared branded by emotional tear I wondered what’s the Matter often, standing in the rain like Weather While I sat, no Talking from the Trees, Joshua Painted the Desert forever Jack spoke of Peace from a glory-Train protected by the Gun Shy Laying stories by the Campfire, songs to leave us high. And

Collecting - thoughts and views - BLED & HOOH treatments

If you follow any of the FB pressing threads, you will see what is going on now in the hobby and specifically in the CPR field. The new chemical treatments and light exposure "cleaning" books means that sooner or later, I will end up with one of these books. I would like to avoid this, but I am not sure that will be an option. What will it look like in 5 years? Will the paper deteriorate? It just does not seem right. Regardless of whether if CGC can detect or not, how will this chemically cleane

Peanuts - covers - graded and raw - ones I have, had or desperately want back

I first built a Peanuts collection 20 years ago. I got many graded and had a sweet registry set. For various reasons I sold them all for pennies based on current demand. When I got back to collecting I was able to score (4) of these from a boardie and one from E-bay. These are hard to find in grade, any grade. Kids read these, colored these and trashed them. I am happy to own these and while I would like better copies, I think I would like raw copies first. I have owned a 190 raw before but neve

Collecting Thoughts and Views - packaging

I am constantly amazed when a seller packages and ships raw books with the cover(s) facing out towards any protective piece of cardboard or worse to bubble wrap. Most know to use cardboard, larger than the books. Most are learning about taping, using painter's tape or leaving a tab to make pulling easy. Most know it is very helpful to use an external bag and place the comics inside so no tape goes onto the actual bag of the comic. Some think about not taping along the spine. But I cannot underst

Countries I have seen

Not sure I have ever done this but no time like the present. I have done some traveling, seen a few things and met a few people. I am on my 4th passport and a million+ miles. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, China, India Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium (French and native), Netherlands, Sweden, UK Mexico, Belize, Brazil, Bahamas, Canada Australia I have seen the Taj Mahal and the Red Fort of Agra. I have walked the Forbidden City and smiled at Mt F


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