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About this journal

My documentation of my collecting journey for my Death and Return of Superman set. 

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Action Comics #683 and I

Action Comics #683 (November, 1992) is a book I'm quite fond of, not only for the cover art, but also for the era that the book was published in, collectively referred to in the hobby as the Post-Crisis era. I also call this time frame Post-Crisis, Pre-Doomsday (1986-1992, or Pre-Death and Return of Superman), which is my favorite era of Superman reading material, focusing on great stories and character development for all the main and supporting characters involved. I did not start reading

ReHolder Delirium and Submission Ambitions

I decided it was time to get back on the saddle. I reactivated my CGC membership because I had some slabs that really needed new holders. I had been putting this off due to a very unfortunate experience I had two years ago with a ReHolder submission. I submitted several books in the spring of 2019 from my Action Comics set, these were expensive pieces from the ‘70s, a few of them were pedigreed, one such book was also in a fragile first generation holder, all in 9.8 grade. I packed them well, se


REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN! The third act in the Death and Return of Superman saga. Beginning in the final pages Adventures of Superman #500 (June, 1993) with four separate ‘first sightings’ of four men bearing  the Superman emblem. Each creative team on the four Superman titles had their own ideas on how Superman could return. The editorial decision at the time was to use all four ideas, with four very different Supermen appearing in Metropolis.  These 'REIGN' books a
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