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From Card shows as a Kid with my Uncle, An Swap meets with my pops. Collecting Cards with friends to learning about little monsters with reasons to fight. I have been collecting Sports cards and Everything in between. Defiantly have stacked a few decent piles accumulating collections from family, Never knowing what to do with them. So few years ago became ill so I had time on my hands and could not return to work. chemo and divorce plays a role in between now a single father covid-19 gave no relief.  So as it all clicked together in a way I have no idea how. I try Figure out how to pay the bills, be dad, pretend to be happy, and also deal with my health.  So many cards So many toys Not enough Hours in a day. To start I should prolly organize and sort. uggghh FML131466452_2773660626209616_6870992936327173064_n.thumb.jpg.f510a1d6bf10e1ad4795449ae7daf573.jpg131435937_866172703953494_2095572056844619781_n.thumb.jpg.4de2c7c88fdbcd4faa4e9a1a7706335a.jpg    

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Door to Door Trading cards

OK so on July 12th I sent a Card to CGC and SGC Both locations are in Florida. CGC order was with a elite membership express service level with sub grades and Turnaround times of 7 days for express and an additional 5 days for sub grades. SGC was a basic account basic service 30 day Turn around. Broken down this is how it stacks up to one another. CGC Express with Sub Grades On Elite member account. CGC bill- $98.50 Plus the Additional $32.50 paid for Shipping with $3000 insurance thro


Pika-Drew in just a look at 2

Just not Fun anymore.

Well its already the end of March 2021 heading into April. And as things tend to get better... or worse depending who you are. The card world is still back logged worse than it was. More and more people thinking it is a gold mine of money out there. I don't know maybe it is I have not Received the 2nd or 3rd round of stimmy's or received my tax return. Yet out here there are drug addicts running around with thousands of dollars. So as I sweat how I'm gonna pay for my submission, Or even when. Su