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About this journal

Although the ONE book that I started this Journal about is still my primary focus, on 29 April 2022 I changed the name of it to better reflect what this Journal has become since I started it.  As it's evolved it has become, at least to me, less about ONE book, and more about sharing my overall collecting journey while I ALSO look for the last 9.8 for my Registry set.  

I have been on the hunt for the below book for several years now. I have a 9.6 and a 9.4 (now TWO 9.4's!). I had the chance to pick up the 9.8 on eBay a couple years ago but at the time I still needed about 30 other books to complete my set and couldn’t justify the high price with so far yet to go. I am now at a point where this book is the LAST 9.8 that I need to have all books 9.8 or above in my set!  Whenever I start to regret not picking the book up when I had the chance, I stop myself... if I had done that there is no telling how that may have impacted the rest of my search and, who knows, if I had that book now maybe I would have missed out on other 9.8's or the many raw books that I had to buy to get the 9.8's that I made myself (check out my set to see some of those!).  The prolonged hunt for this book has also resulted in me meeting some cool people that I might not have met otherwise.  No regerts!

I’ve had a WTB post for quite some time and was able to obtain a few other books that were on the original post, from other board members.

I started this journal originally as another means to get the word out but also as a place where I can occasionally comment on how my search is going.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you can help.

*Pics of the 9.8 were pulled off eBay listing and are not mine.



Link to my set:


Entries in this journal

Instagram Adventures

A few months ago, as I continued my search for my last 9.8, Adventures of Superman 499 Third Printing in case you weren't aware, it was suggested that I look on Instragram to cast a wider search.  I'm not a huge social media person and that hadn't really occurred to me.  I created my account and immediately reached out to one specific collector that had been recommended (he ended up being a really cool guy but didn't have a nice enough copy to be a 9.8) and that started my account (Iconic_1s).  

Adventures of Superman 500 Collector’s Edition Sealed Case

I am pretty happy about picking this up and am now trying to decide what to do with it!  This is another item like The Beast that I acquired 'in the meantime' but that I think also deserves its own entry. One of these had popped up on the CGC Forums, and also on eBay a couple months ago.  I can't recall exactly what that one sold for but do remember it being above what I ended up paying for this one (I think it was around a hundred dollars).  I had a little regret for not trying to get in o

Triple Cover 9.8 Man of Steel 18!

I call this book The Beast... with a triple cover it must be BULLETPROOF! I could have included this with 'in the meantime' but I feel that this book is so awesome and unique that it deserves it's own entry! The full details of how I came upon this book are in it's slot in my addendum set here: https://comics.www.collectors-society.com/registry/Comics/PeopleSetDetail.aspx?PeopleSetID=148555 Not that it matters, but my opinion is that the 1st cover is also an easy

Comics and Collectibles!

As I continue my search for my infamous ‘last 9.8’ life must go on. This is where I will talk about my collecting endeavors related to this set and things that come my way... in the meantime.  The inspiration for this entry is this Cyborg Superman 1:3 scale statue by Prime 1 Studios. This statue was worth the wait!  I ordered this in January 2019 and finally received it last week.  Almost three years!  I did the payment plan option through Sideshow and had this paid off for over a year... t


Iconic1s in In The Meantime..,

Something Funny...

I've had a couple different WTB posts as my search for all of the books in my set progressed.  I gave up on the first couple as I was still new to the Forums and didn't understand how to put the books in one post, provide an offer price, bump it, etc. Then on 2 June 2020 I started a fresh WTB post for the last handful of books I needed... that post led me to find a few and I also submitted a few myself to whittle the number of books down...there were finally just two, and then one... the bo


Iconic1s in Something Funny...

A Collection of Close Calls and Nonsensicalness!

So the other day one of these popped up on eBay for $350.00 BIN... raw!  I have to be honest and say that if I really thought that a copy of this book had a legitimate chance at 9.8 I don't think that price is too too (yes, two too's) high.  However, in order to fork out that much cash for a raw I would need tons of pics and be pretty confident with what I see. I'm not trying to criticize the seller at all as anyone has the right to ask what they think something is worth... on the other han


Iconic1s in Declined!

And Then Another Submission, and Another!

Although I had mentioned that finding a raw to submit was unlikely, earlier this year I did send a book in and am awaiting results. Got the book off of eBay for around $50.00. It certainly has a few issues. I think much of it will press out but I do not think this is my 9.8. If anything I think I sent this book in just for the excitement of sending a copy of this bad boy in myself… Looks like a small tear through the cover… lets see what CCS does with those den


Iconic1s in A Submission!

Tales of The Hunt!

Wanted to kick this off by including the current discription of this book in my set.  This pretty much details my search so far: "com·ple·tist - noun - an obsessive, typically indiscriminate, collector or fan of something."  Dictionary This is the last book in this set that is not 9.8 or above.  I believe the 9.6 you see here could have just as easily came back 9.8.  If I get my hands on a second 9.6 before I find a 9.8, I will submit this copy for CPR... as much as I think this book
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