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About this journal

Hey folks, trying something a little different. I have been on the hunt for this book for several years now. I have a 9.6 and a 9.4. I had the chance to pick up the 9.8 on eBay a couple years ago but at the time I still needed about 30 other books to complete my set. Couldn’t justify the asking high price at the time. I am now at a point where this book is the LAST 9.8 that I need to have all books 9.8 or above in my set!

I’ve had a WTB post for over a year. I’ve met some awesome people through that post and was able to obtain a few others that were on the original post from other board members.

Starting this journal as another means to get the word out but also as a place where I can occasionally comment on how my search is going.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you can help.

*Pics of the 9.8 were pulled off eBay listing and are not mine.



Link to my set:


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This is a place holder journal entry for when I DO find this book.  Positive thinking... positive thinking!!


Iconic1s in Found!!

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