My Warren Vampirella

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I have alway been a superhero kinda guy , that is until I was introduced to Warren Horror mags.

Now I have always appreciated Frank Frazetta, but I always thought this book was outta my reach.

I mean there's not a ton of these out there in high grade, but through crazy luck a board member told me about one for sale.

Board member October sold me this beauty, and I know I've shown it off before . Just wanted to get it in with my other Warren books.

Vampirella 1 to me is the Action 1 of horror mags , and I am proud to have this book in my collection.


Here is the very rare in any grade Vampirella U.K. 1-4



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I don't venture into this forum much, hence the belated response, however maybe that's because I could easily get lost in this labyrinth of fandom ;) , not that that would be a bad thing.

Anyhow, enjoyed your post and the enthusiam you have for the books. It's strange that something you own and can hold sometimes gives you a fleeting feeling of disbelief.


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On 9/23/2018 at 10:46 AM, Get Marwood & I Live! said:

The UK copies are cool Oak. Can't beat a UK copy. :headbang:

Thanks my man. They are rarer than hens teeth for sure, and high grade like these? Forget about it.

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