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Just thought I would start a journal showing any pickups of comics or sundries lol

All nonsense encouraged


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Here are a few more comics I've picked up over the last couple of weeks, including some sweet Avengers :luhv:



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I know, what a crazy mix. Love Davis and Farmer together 2c

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26 minutes ago, Azkaban said:


Here is the sweet book I got from @thirdgreenham for winning the contest this year. Isn't she beautiful, thanks Andy :applause:

I would be so damn jealous if I didnt own a pristine run of my own. 

Naw, Im deflecting my jealous rage.lol

There are so few of these in high grade, good grab from Andy.

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Dwayne have you looked up this book in the census? How many total in any grade are there? I can tell you a graded  one has never come across Heritage Auctions ever.

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