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The Cash Grab of Wolverine, Part II: Grab This!



Let the tirade continue.

So it's been about 3 weeks since I posted my first journal decrying Marvel's "death" of Wolverine stunt (thanks for all the views and replies btw). You may be wondering if my stance has softened in any way, to which the answer is an emphatic NO. If anything, I've grown even more disdainful of it, to the point that all the Marvel Now! issues are going on eBay. I really did give it a lot of though, and it turns out I have no intention of ever reading them again (or for a first time for some of them).

Plus, I certainly don't want them in my house spreading their Now! nonsense and corrupting the other books in my collection. Left unchecked, 69-71 would morph from a Savage land storyline into a three parter about Wolverine going to a day spa. OK, maybe I'm being a touch melodramatic.

But I think the larger conclusion I'm trying to get at is I think I'm just done with new releases altogether. I've reached what I refer to as the Simpsons/Family Guy point -- eventually, THE NEW STORIES JUST PLAIN SUCK. Is this a result of the same characters sticking around for decades, only with a new pc twist (Thor, Cap, Superman, Miss Marvel, Northstar, etc.)? The normal consequence of time passing and getting older? Lousy writing? The fact that there are 900 different storylines to try and follow simultaneously? Probably a combo of all of the above I would surmise.

Does this mean comic collecting has passed me by? Oh, you better believe it has not. If anything, I feel my disdain for the current Marvel books has made me even more passionate about the books from my youth. I'm as aggressive as ever trying to complete my 1988 and 2003 sets as well as the runs of Uncanny X-Men books that I'm hoping to put together over time. Heck, I might even have been more aggressive by now, except that my fiancee would be really pissed if I mis-allocated the wedding money.

Will it be weird walking into the local shop and simply ignoring the new release racks from now on? Probably. But why shell out the cash for something I don't want? Much like when I realized I should stop collecting CGC graded issues (with a few exceptions) from any of the post-2003 and the Origins series, why buy something simply because I feel I should for set continuity purposes? If there's no connection and no enjoyment, why bother?

Does any of this make sense, or am I just old and bitter? Either way, let's end with a little shameless self promotion. Here's a photo of the only current SS 9.8 copy of Wolverine 102.5, one of the crown jewels of my 1988 set.


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