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In response to Surfer99's journal request I decided to write two in one night. Not long ago I wrote about finding a HULK 181 in a second hand store. However the find of my life escaped me. This is that story.

Way back in April 1978 I quit Mcdonalds ( a good move) and started working at a Pest Control company. Hey, I increased my pay to 3 dollars an hour then. I worked on a two man termite crew. A few weeks after I started we went to do a job on a nice home in a nice neighborhood. One thing we did was drill holes in the concrete block and concrete slabs to inject the chemical. I went down in the basement to drill the block behind the front porch that could not be reached from outside. I went down the steps and saw stacks and stacks of comics neatly stored shelves in the basement. I saw one comic on top was a Spiderman 1. Looked to be about an 8.0. I looked though the others and every Marvel comic from the early 60's to the late 60's was there. Key after key. I asked the lady of the house if she owned them. She said her son owned the books. I asked if I could talk to him about buying them. She said he was in medical school but would be home in June for the summer. She said they have sat there for years and would like to see them gone. She said I could call and talk to him in June. I waited the long two months and called back. She said he was away visiting a friend but was not interested in selling them. I said I would pay good money for them but she said no he does not want to sell. NOT THE END OF THE STORY. A year later a noticed in the work orders for the day that we were going back to her house to do a carpenter ant job. Another guy had the work order but I traded him another easier job to stop back out. I stopped out and she remembered me from last year. I went down in the basement while working looked on the shelving with the comics and they were all gone! I asked her what happened to all the comics. She said her son had sold them last summer while home. Now in those days he had an estimated $30,000 dollars in comics. Nowadays far far more. I said I wished you had sold them to me. She said beaming to me " Do you know how much money he got for those old comics? I said I can imagine it was a lot. She said it sure was, " Do you believe he got 50 DOLLARS for those old comics!" I then told her he had tens of thousands of dollars in comics and someone got a bargain. I was willing to pay far more than 50 for sure. She went from smilimg to having a sick look on her face. She said she never thought for a second they were worth more than 10 dollars. I had saved almost two thousand back then and would have offered it for sure. It had every first issue and complete runs for years. I'll never forget that one ever. Below is a pic of two of my recently graded books I did'nt add recently.


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