The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC. Part One.



The sound of the crack, the flying of broken plastic, the sheering of the scissors.

Okay, recently picked up four issues of Gang Busters off from ebay. All four were in CBCS slabs and within the grade range of books that I wanted to start my Gang Busters Registry set with.

When I purchased them I told myself that I was not going to crack them out and send them to CGC. They would be just fine setting in the Gang Busters box with my only other issue, Gang Busters #51 CGC-7.5 ow/w Aurora pedigree. That did not happen. I mean, why have four issues and not be able to have them in my Registry set.

This past weekend they were broken out of their CBCS coats and are on their way to CGC.

That being said, the test is on.

Before cracking them out I watched a video of a guy cracking a CBCS slab on You Tube. I got out my tools and out they came. I was very careful, even had my wife help with the extraction of the book from the inner liner. I then very carefully went over ever book to see if I agreed with the CBCS grade. That be done and recorded, wanted to be sure I did not forget later what I had thought, I packaged then so a bomb could not hurt them and off they went to CGC.

Here is what I sent out and what grade I gave the books...

-Gang Busters #6 CBCS-9.4 W pgs. (9.4 OW/W pgs.)

-Gang Busters #10 CBCS-9.0 W pgs. (9.0 W pgs.)

-Gang Busters #13 CBCS-8.0 OW/W pgs. (7.5-8.0 OW pgs.)

-Gang Busters #18 CBCS-7.5 OW/W pgs. (7.0 OW pgs.)

There you have it. I used my Registry coupon for this so it should not be to long for the results. When they come back I'll share with you the results.


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