The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part six...



Lack of info.

Sorry for the amount of time between my posts. This journal is about the Gang Busters #10 that I broke out of its CBCS jacket and submitted to CGC. I do have a bit of a problem with it being lowered a full point from 9.0 to 8.0. This is the one comic I was thinking would be a sure lock for the same grade. I'm sure I didn't do any damage cracking it out or that anything happened in packaging or shipping. I'm pretty sure the covers grade a 9.0 so it must be something CGC found inside the book that CBCS and I missed. I've said this in one of my other posts but I sure wish things inside the book that are a problem would be listed in the CGC notes instead of just cover problems. Oh well, all in all, I'm happy I did what I did.

One other thing I'd like to note is the amount of info that CBCS puts on its tabs compared to CGC. On this comic CGC lists one artist compared to CBCS listing five artists and the person who wrote the story plus the actors who appear in the photo cover and that's just on the front of the tab. The back is filled with the story titles in the comic and even some of the important ads that are in the book. Come on CGC, I love ya but it's time to update your info and even your tab.


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