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Some Recent Additions To The Collection



Four are Worldwide Comics-How'd they do on Grading?

I received two submissions back recently. The first lot was comics that I've put off having graded for various reasons. Such as a Hulk 181. Reason, Marvel Value stamp cut out. Avengers 57 reason, lower grade. Tales of Suspense 65 reason, had other books graded. Boris Karloff 51 reason, thought it would grade lower than what I bought it at.

The second lot was all Don Rosa collection copies. Three more Boris Karloff, I'll start with all four Boris Karloff's. All Don Rosa from Worldwide Comics. Worldwide did well on their grading. Two of four graded at the upper end of what they had it at. One just .2 lower.

Grades are as follows. Issue 51 WWC grade 9.4- CGC grade 9.2. Issues 78,79 and 83 WWC had 9.2/9.4. 78 and 83 CGC graded 9.4. Issue 79 graded 9.2. Much better than what my last Metropolis batch graded.

The Hulk 181 came back green label of course but at a respectable 7.5 vf-. The Tales of Suspense 65 came back at 9.0 which is what it was sold as. The Avengers 57 came back at 5.5 fn- which is slightly higher than expected. I will try and post a picture but Windows 10,my new camera and new computer haven't got in sync yet.


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