The test is on, CBCS vs. CGC, part seven..



No ace in the hole here.

Once again, sorry for the delay. Life got going and I got to go visit my kid for a couple weeks. It's time to do the last book, Gang Busters #18. This was graded 7.5 by CBCS and came back 6.5 from CGC. I don't really have to much of a problem with that. There are a lot of little things that show up. Staples are out of place, a few little chips, edges a bit ruff, and a few bend here and there, and that's just the front cover. The back has a pretty big dust shadow, tiny piece missing from one of the bottom corners, and looks a bit faded. About that back cover, it has a great ad for RC Cola staring "R.C." and Quickie a pair of young cowboys. One last thing, check out the info that's given on the two labels. Notice any difference?

Stay tuned for my last part in which I'll give my roundup of this whole saga of the Gang Busters test.


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