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..., why this stumped CGC.

!?_Clark Kant-Waite


I couldn't figure out.

I could not figure out.. WHY..

my 4th invoice passed my 3rd, and... well, ....




I had the chance to actually LOOK..

at a hard copy..

[paper cover]

of the Comic Book Price Guide!


(Don't be amazed; I'm homeless, but..)


I wanted to see something....




I had gone in with an associate, Christian:


now bumped up on a waitlist for a liver transplant,

..because of a recent drop.. into a coma.

{He got down to one, folks.}


, with 4 CGC Graded books

(one, a STAN LEE, SSer. copy from a Halloween signing in 2011, or -10)



at the old COMICS & COMIX location !!,


on Irving Street and 9th Ave., here in SF,

close the Haight-Ashbury District

to see if.. Peter was there....




Nevertheless, when I looked up


in the price guide,

it went from


right past



So! ______ It's.. NOT there!


{I exclaimed aloud!}

{I was REALLY HAPPY; I figured out what stalled CGC.}

{...no wonder!}


These books were..




The ONLY places I found this title, or this press was..

on the Michigan State University database of publishers,

(...nice archaic list! Thanks MSU!),


..., and at comicbookdb.com,


but they just had a listing, too, ...


and there were NO IMAGES....




Eventually, it's my user error, that keeps me from getting all the images into one 'photo' that shows the wraparound covers, of BOTH of these books.

Also, you'll have to wait for CGC to ADD these as Competitive Sets, before these will be..


setting examples, 30 years on.


Happy Hunting Sports Fans




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