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Recent grades, recent pickups and the "other " other guys.



I popped out a book from the "other " other guys to see if I was right. Thanks for the idea Tnerb.

I recently renewed my membership and wanted to use my $150 credit. I always struggle to pick which books will make the cut. This year I decided to make a grading comparison. The owner of my favorite comic shop always makes it a point to let me know his grading is stricter than CGC's every single time I go there.

Now in the past I have found he's normally 1/2 a grade above the CGC grade 90% of the time. This time I sent three raw copies from his shop and one copy I popped out of a CGC competitor. I'm stealing this from Tnerb but I call them the "other " other guys.

They have been around for awhile so I think you know who they are.

I tested them years ago against CGC and thought their grading was off and CGC won. I had a Silver Surfer 4 which I thought was undergraded and popped it out. Those guys had it at 7.0. I sent it to CGC this time and it came back at 8.5! I feel an error has been corrected.

The three shop books sent in were a Conan 1 at 7.5. An Avengers 12 at 8.0 and a Marvel Premiere 15 at NM-.

Well this time all three books came back at exactly the same grade from CGC as the shop owner. So I was happy with the results.

He will still bring it up even though I try to avoid that conversation each time I am there. Some recent pickups are The Thing #16 9.4 from 1954 ( Charlton). I have thought of collecting this title for a few years but this copy was about half price from some others I have seen listed. So it was a good time to start on this title.

I picked up a Turok 66 9.6 file copy for $60 which was a great price. I did get a Swamp Thing 7 9.6 ( Batman appearance). I also got a weekend off which makes me very happy as I don't see many of them each year. Thanks for reading.


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