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Best2u Makes a Good Point...



We're slacking on the journals!

Myself included of course.

I'm actually relatively stunned that 2016 is over, it seems like a couple weeks ago that I was at WW Chicago endlessly standing in lines for Carrie Fisher (may she finally have found peace) and the X-Files cadre's autographs. But here we are, January 1, 2017.

I will NEVER forget 2016 to put it simply. I've been a devout Cubs fan my entire life, and my God it finally happened. Montgomery from the stretch, curveball to Martinez, grounder to Bryant, Bryant throws to Rizzo...history. I didn't even have words, I just hit the ground and hugged...my cat. My wife had already fallen asleep, having had enough of my overbearing fandom. A fandom which thankfully has thoroughly mellowed out for ALL sports now that I've seen that one sports moment that by far would always mean the most to me. Though I'll admit I half lost my mess on Friday when the hated ones Ronda Rousey and Dominick Cruz both lost spectacularly to Amanda Nunes and Cody Garbrandt, because that was awesome.

Anyway, this is a comic forum, so let's get back to discussing comics. Collecting took a left turn for me this year, no question about it. Over the years much adieu had been made (by me) about my ever climbing Wolverine collection, and much ranting had also been offered (by me) about how much I hate what Marvel has done to ruin the character with their new PC approach to publishing. As the year wore on, my attention deviated from Wolverine to my other established goals and also turned to the opportunistic acquisition of certain books from other series that I also felt a definable connection to. Books like Incredible Hulk 162 (first Wendigo), ASM 239 (first full Hobgoblin) and 300 (first Venom), plus more Silver and for the first time...GOLDEN AGE books, like the one pictured below.

To paraphrase Al Bundy -- "2017...Let's rock!"


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