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The postman always rings twice and forges once?



I wanted to mention something and get your opinion on it. Recently I purchased a CGC Fantastic Four 2 from a trusted seller. I thought I would get this book while I could still afford to buy it. It's a nice looking 3.5 off white to white paged copy.  I asked the seller to send FedEx with adult signature confirmation. Basically an adult 21 and over has to sign for it.

 The seller did as I asked and I expected myself or my wife to be home to sign for it. The day it was due my wife had to leave for a doctors appointment which had been scheduled before I bought the book.  She left at 2:30pm and the driver showed up at 2:53 pm. I got home from work at 3:15 pm and the package with the comic was sitting on my front porch.   I was kind of disturbed that it was left without a signature as a neighbor had a package stolen off the front porch around Christmas. I called Fedex and asked how could it be left without a signature. I gave her the tracking number and she said it was signed for. I asked who did and the response I got was it was signed by me! I said I was still 15 miles from home at 2:53. So the driver signed my name and left it.  He signed my first initial and last name . Not how I sign by the way.  Another funny thing was the Fedex rep no longer responded to my questions about the package. It was live chat. I talked for about 10 minutes more with no response and then hung up. I got a transcript of the live chat but it had most of my questions edited out and the times changed. Interesting.  What if the package had been stolen? It was signed for with my name but I wasn't there. Has this happened to anyone else?  It was a pricey comic, I just wanted to ensure it's safe delivery. 

On to my next subject. I often get beat on Comiclink auctions . Often the runner up bidder. I have been bidding since July of 2009 on their site. You can look at your past auction bids on the site. I decided to see what my actual record was. I added it up and I had 34 wins and 51 lost.  I was feeling somewhat bad about that thinking if that were a baseball teams record I would be in last place. Then I started thinking as a player if I went 34 for 85. I figured it up and I'm batting .400. That would make me batting champ. Now I see my auction record in a different light.




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Having the delivery person sign for the package defeats the purpose of having signature confirmation.  There was a recent thread that detailed how 2 rare Golden Age comics went missing after being sent to the wrong place. The comics were delivered (signature confirmation) to a comic shop. The owner said he didn't have the books and didn't recognize the signature on the receipt.  I assumed it was a customer or employee who signed for it, but now you've got me wondering.

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The seller said he insured the book but getting reimbursed would be difficult I bet. I just bought some books on Comiclink and checked the UPS box instead of the Fedex box because of what happened. I wonder if that shop owner recovered any money spent?

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FedEx is notorious for this.  They pulled this nonsense with a Hulk 181 that I won from CLink about a year ago that I was having delivered to the office.  I waited for longer than I would've liked and it didn't show up, so I left for the day.  Lo behold on my way home the tracking updated to show that it was delivered and "signed" for by someone who doesn't work in our office.  My supervisor was still around the building, and she couldn't find the package anywhere.  Suffice to say I was going to pursue criminal charges if the book didn't show up, but their customer service told me it was a mistake and the book would be delivered the next day (which it was). 

UPS has also pulled this stunt on an equipment delivery to the office.  When three of us were actually there to sign for it!  Didn't even bother to walk in to our lobby, just left it by the outer door.

Since you said that the driver forged your name, I'd file a police report.  Dude committed forgery and mail fraud at a minimum.

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Get an outdoor Nest cam and next time you will have proof that the delivery guy signed it.  I had the same issue with UPS and I am glad I had the proof because otherwise they would not have even cared.  A friend of mine caught the Amazing delivery guy throwing the package from his truck and he posted the video on the Nest site and got 2 free years of Amazon Prime, a $1,000 Amazon credit, and a free year of Nest cloud service.

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I actually have a number of cameras outside the house ,two looking at the porch but just so happened one of my Wifi modems took a dump that day.

I got a new modem that night and if it happens in the future it should be on video.

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