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So just to repost something similar here from the goals 2022 thread so I can find it later on.  

I wound up selling off eight 25 gallon rubbermaid containers of stuff.  That's 200 gallons.  There were containers that fit under beds that I got rid of.  I seriously reduced the amount of plastic crack.  I have been planning this since the beginning of 2020.  For example, at that point I had over 500 GI Joe figures.  At this point I have less than 30.   I seriously cut into the Lego.  I was able to get rid of three short boxes of comics. I went for things that take up space and not so much value.  I cleared out cabinets, drawers and bookshelves.  I was able to get rid of a couple of bookshelves.  The idea was to severely reduce the footprint of 'stuff' in this house.  

Ever since the pandemic started and I was working from home I realized that the house was just a place to sleep, entertain, and store my stuff and that had to change.   So it was time to make it a home. 

Now, I have been selling stuff to buy more stuff since I was a teenager.  As I mentioned, I remember selling death of Superman issues to my teachers.  It's been a long time coming but after staying the course,  I am going to take a break this year.   I even discontinued my CGC membership, mostly because of quality control issues, but to stay away from that routine as well.

I might sell a few things locally that were too big to ship.  For example, I still have not committed myself to selling the giant Star Wars Sail Barge but if I do that is going to be sold locally.   Also the more I sold the more I discovered I had packed away in the storage room.  Shortly before Christmas I found all the Brio wooden railway toys from the 80's that my brother and I had.  That's too heavy to ship and has to go locally. 

The real thing is, and it is something that I have mentioned privately to a few people here, I have most everything I could ever reasonably get.  So at where is the line between buying what I want versus chasing a never ending list of things I do not have? 

So my want list? 

  • Superman 24
  • 50's / 60's Sci Fi page of Art, (Strange Adventures or something like that)
  • War Cover
  • Upgrade an ASM from my run.
  • Sell more stuff locally.
  • This year's Lego modular house.  I will pick it up at one point as it was released on Saturday. 

We shall see... 


However it is going to be weird because aside from selling more, I do not plan on replacing it all. I retire in less than nine years if I want to and it does weigh on me as to what to with all of this stuff.  I am going to stay away from certain things as to not be lured into filling in all of the gaps that have opened.   I did not bother with tonight's Heritage auctions and I may loosely follow Comiclink and Comic Connect just to knock one or two of my actual collecting goals off my list and try and stay away from opportunistic purchases. 

Let's clear out more. 

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Nothing like waking up late but then you’re not late because it’s 2022 and you realize that the Long Island railroad is returning to a pre-March 2020 schedule. 

And… you basically have the train to yourself because no one else really knows that yet.


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On 1/16/2022 at 11:36 PM, onlyweaknesskryptonite said:

I completely understand. 

Good luck with the city! 

I no longer have an active account and even on the remote chance that I won, which I am not pretentious enough to think I would, I would not submit any books to them right now anyway. 

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On 1/15/2022 at 6:17 AM, Buzzetta said:

I pass by this old mailbox every so often. The old rusty box is nailed to an oak that has to be 150 years old. After years of passing it by, I decided to open the box to see if anything was inside. After all, there isn’t even a house nearby to which it could serve anyway. Any home it serviced long ago is torn down, I’m sure.

I noticed an old letter inside, as you can see in picture #2. I looked at the postmark date, and it said July 7, 1903! Due to age and moisture, the addressee on the envelope was not readable, so I opened up the envelope hoping to find some local history and a good story I could share with you. Here is what the letter inside said. “We have been trying to reach you about your vehicle’s extended warranty.”


You had me going for a moment there!

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On 1/16/2022 at 10:38 PM, Buzzetta said:

I no longer have an active account and even on the remote chance that I won, which I am not pretentious enough to think I would, I would not submit any books to them right now anyway. 

I get it. They really have become a mess. 

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It has my interest but I don't know if I want this... 


I already have two globes in the house.  I have the one that sat at my grandfather's desk that is at least seventy years old.  I also have a stained glass one that sits on my dresser that has a light on the inside that was a gift from the gf a few years ago.

I like this but it would violate my thoughts on cluttering up the house with 'more of the same' and take away from the 'specialness' of the other two. 

It does have my interest though... hm 



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On 1/18/2022 at 9:43 PM, jaybuck43 said:

The Doctor of Thuganomic's niece and nephew have never seen Moana....


I cannot look away. 

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Fell asleep on the train after a long day… missed my stop… guess I will raise a glass to freedom as this is the story of our lives.  Food pics to follow. 

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Nothing like a good subway fire to start the day… had to take a different line downtown as only three or four cars were able to platform from the subway as it caught fire in the tunnel. 

The haze doesn’t do the smoke justice. 



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