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My collecting Journey

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I grew up in a small town in South Western Ontario, my friends and I used to do all sorts of activities from tunnel ratting through drainage pipes to good old fashioned street hockey, but what we really liked to do was collect.

    We started collecting sports cards  around the summer of 1987 and comics a few years later.

   If I recollect correctly, the first comic book I had was Batman Annual 14 with TwoFace on the cover.

   Sadly, over the years My friends and I drifted apart, though I continued collecting.

    Mostly my collection was focused on raws, that as a kid I thought would be quite valuable.

     Around the age of 14 things in my life began getting quite chaotic. I found myself getting into fights at school and eventually put into group homes until I was 18. Subsequently, my collecting took a hiatus.

    Once I was 18 I was removed from the group home and thrust into the streets to fend for myself. Without much of an education or direction in life, I turned to substance abuse, which in turn I got in quite a few fights.

    Eventually, I found myself at an alcohol rehabilitation clinic called "Brentwood". This is in the city of Windsor, where during my free time from programs I was able to resume my collecting activities.

   I began to accumulate a rather large collection of books that interested in, but didn't really hold alot of value, Spawn run, Maximum Carnage run, Knightfall run and stuff like that.

   Eventually I returned to Alcoholism and as the years rolled by, collecting drifted off into a distant memory.

   It wasn't until the late winter of 2018 that I resumed my hobby.

    I live in Toronto Ontario now, and the first shop I ventured into was "The Beguiling" on College St. This particular stores primary interest is providing the comic community with affordable raws at reasonable prices.

   The first books I purchased were Wolverine 1 (ongoing series) X-Factor 6 (first appearance of Apocalypse) and Punisher 1 (ongoing series).

 I hadn't even heard much about slabbed comics until a couple months later when I joined the forums and attended my first comic show in February.

  I'm a big fan of the dexterity of Supervillains, especially Carnage who I find is a conflicted soul, much like myself (lol).

    The first slabbed comic I bought was an Amazing Spider-Man 361 in 9.4 grade. I have no doubt in terms of fair market value that I overpaid considerably, but I was happy.

    Over the past year and a half I have accumulated a pretty decent collection and being a member of these boards I have had an opportunity to meet and interact with some pretty awesome people.

   I know we are all going through some tough times right now with the Covid19 Pandemic, but I can see that it has strengthened this community in ways I don't think any of us could have imagined.

  As I continue to collect, I've amassed a list of books I have really wanted and have eventually acquired, including New Mutants 98 and Amazing Spider-Man 300 (my two personal favorites). I have also fluctuated between collecting first appearances of key supervillains in both the DC and Marvel Universe such as Darkseid and of course Carnage. 

     In the past year and a half, my interests have shifted from modern to bronze and even silver age books.

  I have mostly directed my attention and finances to slabbed comic books, as I am not a professional grader and have really failed in alot of my submissions.

   In regards to slabs, I like to garner my finances into accumulating 9.8s, which I have amassed quite a few since I really began taking comic collecting seriously.

   My greatest purchase in my opinion, and despite my friend's protests has been Amazing Spider-Man 300 9.8.

  Now I know people will say "Why did you buy such an expensive book that is common as dirt?"

    Well, that is the mystery of that book, isn't it? How can one of the most graded books in the registry maintain such longevity and value? Too me I find it fascinating and in terms of strength of character (not monetary) it is one of the most valuable books available, and I imagine would be far more expensive if only 2000 copies were graded, and not 20,000.

   Thanks for listening....and happy hunting!



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2 minutes ago, BaronSamedi said:


From what it sounds like, you made alot of poor choices in your life and are trying to rectify it through collecting.


Well, best of luck to you



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14 hours ago, Hollywood1892 said:

I'm going to start focusing more on Silver Age rather then modern hype books. I do have some leveraging power now

yep stick with keys and first appearances because those are those ones that are easier to sell if that day ever happens

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Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed your story and appreciate your honesty. Your experience is a very human one and I’m glad you’re here contributing to the community.

Congratulations on your ASM #300. The appeal of the book is amazing, I’m not a Spider-Man collector but a small part of me almost wants a copy.

Keep posting.

Edited by Brandon Shepherd
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31 minutes ago, Brandon Shepherd said:

Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed your story and appreciate your honesty. Your experience is a very human one and I’m glad you’re here contributing to the community.

Congratulations on your ASM #300. The appeal of the book is amazing, I’m not a Spider-Man collector but a small part of my almost wants a copy.

Keep posting.

Thank you

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3 hours ago, G G ® said:

I also think Chris should be applauded for his honesty.

It takes guts to admit to bad choices and decisions, especially when you really don't have to.

He could have spun a load of BS about himself, and no-one would have been any the wiser.

Nobody is perfect, and we all makes mistakes in life. He has turned his life around, and this forum seems to be helping him a great deal, in as much as he has made friends here.

I count myself among them.

I don't suffer fools or BS, but I do know Chris appears to be very genuine, and he has taken criticism on the chin.

He deserves a break. and I'm happy that he has found joy in collecting again, cos let's face it...collecting things you love is awesome.

Chris is a valued member of these forums IMO, and when he first joined here, I got the wrong impression of him.

After getting to know him, albeit only thru' the written word, I know my first impressions were wrong.

I hope maybe one day we will get to meet.

As we say in Liverpool...he is sound. 

Thank you Paul

From you, that means the world to me...

I'm doing my best out here to be a better person, and collecting books is...well pretty awesome!

And to meet guys like you and to get feedback is inspirational...and I do hope one day we get to meet Paul

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We are now in the latter (hopefully) stages of a worldwide pandemic known to the world as Coronavirus or Covid19. This virus has had an affect on us all....but from what I have noticed it had brought alot of us on the site closer together, old feuds have been repaired, hatchets have been buried

For myself I have continued to collect...now bringing the journey to the Silver Age....mostly Spideys! And from the advice of friends who have been collecting for longer then I have been alive, it has been a pleasure!

Edited by Hollywood1892
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13 hours ago, Beige said:

Honest thoughtful journal, which has been a pleasure to read.

I hope you continue to collect what you like rather than follow the herd.

Best of luck to you, and keep posting, at times, you're quite a funny guy!

I have spoken to Chris in person a couple of times and hope to continue doing so.

I can confirm he's a nut. :insane:

Just kidding he's a top dude.

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9 minutes ago, Angelo. said:

Born and raised in Toronto myself....used to visit Yesterdays Heroes, Dragon Lady Comics,  Silver Snail, Pendragon just to name a few.

Good read. Thanks for sharing.

I bought my IronMan 1 from SilverSnail...do you go to the TCBS?

Nice to meet you!

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2 minutes ago, Buzzetta said:

Focus your sights on ASM 14 next while you can still get a presentable copy for under $1,000.  



I actually just bought a couple books off a boardie here

FF 48&49

6.0 and 8.5 respectively 

Very happy with the purchase and looking forward to having them in hand...it was either those or getting the ASM 14 at the same price!

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The worst thing about collecting is not collecting...I know it sounds weird but it's that  inbetween time between a purchase and saving up for the next purchase. I think in 2020 I went from a bottom tier collector to a mid tier I think (wow I hate repeating the same word in the same sentence, but I'll let it stick). So now it takes me months to save...

These are books I bought in 2020


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