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One More Auction Win

john ivic


This was the second book I won in the last Comic Link auction, along with the ASM 71. Yet another Neal Adams cover, but interior work also. The purchase of these auction wins will be my last one for a while. I'm now on lay off from my job due to the Covid -19 crisis. I don't know how much of an impact this will have on the collecting industry, except to say that most books will now be going for lower prices than usual. I imagine several collectors will have to sell their cherished books to keep on paying the monthly bills. Stay safe everyone!




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Using conventional wisdom, one would think that prices might soften on books. On some of the titles I follow, there has been many that are bringing well above GPA. Additionally, I am seeing some books going at twice GPA or higher. There are others that I can't understand why they are going for some of the high prices that they are being bought at.

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Torchwood - I wonder also why some books go for such high prices. I guess it depends on how badly the collector wants a certain book, especially if it's tough to find. Still, bidding for books at auction on Comic Link or Heritage sometimes results in very low winning bids compared to what you would pay on ebay for the same book. Perfect example: I won a CGC 9.6 Hot Wheels 3 at Heritage at the beginning of the year for $240. Same book, same CGC grade was listed on ebay at the time for $620.

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