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Disc Golf and Sneakerz O.o



Coming soon!

A new journo about my Covid-19 'I made a thing' and how I I'm going to spend my stimulus money on sneakers and try and sell a pair for $3k within one year.

I kinda want to try this... I've got a bit of time, I've got the feels RE writing / learning a new collectible field on the fly so here goes! 

Maybe I can get the lady to write on influencer culture in the time of Covid-19. 



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Some Youtube videos that I watch…

First and foremost is a great comic book / cartooning channel called Cartoonist Kayfabe.



I listen to this while grading, drawing, etc. Cannot recommend it enough- I like the outlaw comics angle, that they touch on underground comix occasionally (and like a lot of the same artists I like), and their genuine love of the comics medium, which for me comes through all the time.



Seth Fowler


Good technical reviews that will teach one the lingo of sneakerhead and mainstream taste. His channel has really blown up and he shills for lots of small products. A good study in modern day influencer culture. He even is in a Poshmark commercial I see from time to time.


BULL1TRC (Bullet RC)


For me a real authentic sneakerhead who has his own taste profile and offers reviews across a spectrum of budgets. I like his music, chunky production style and he has a few videos where he drinks and trashes on crappy expensive shoes.


Foamer Simpson


Exaggerated hand gestures, nice production value, shills StockX app, and a real authentic love of kicks. His younger brother, Buckets or Young Buckets, works the camera. They are a great team with over 500k subscribers, a real mark of achievement for an influencer.

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These are the VERY next shoes that I will be sporting. 


Adidas jumped back into hoops the last two years in a big way and a recent APRIL codeword sale brought these down to $30. 

These are cheapie everyday kicks- first for walking, once broken in for disc golf. The chunky sole is good for toe-dragging on drives and synthetic upper should take a beating.

I love Adidas Sambas and their soccer shoes (Copa Mundial, Classico, & Predator) were always the envy of my eye growing up. I had a pair of green Samba Super-suedes when I met my wife. She used to call me "Justin with the green shoes" vs another roommate Justin. 

But I haven't allowed myself a nice soccer shoe in forever, as basketball shoes seem to be more collectible / popular. 


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Pete Davidson goes sneaker shopping... 

"They think we're stupid and 'oh look' we're gonna making them wear Dad shoes" 


The lady finds him creepy, I think he's moderately funny.

I think he’s 100% - hundy P- on Dad shoes… I decide to strategically avoid Yeezys, chunky New Balance, Air Max reboots.


What are your favorite shoes?

What shoes do you remember getting as a kid?

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Big two weeks for shoes that I am following... Lots of people watching / talking about the Last Dance documentary on ESPN. I have not seen it yet, probably not until it hits Netflix. 

I like the look of both shoes, but I did not try for either. The thing about sneaker collecting is that there is always another drop, another pair coming, with drops week after week. 

Jordan 5 Fire Red retros (general release but sold quickly and hotly). 



Jordan 1 Royal toe retros (Over 3500 pairs purchased at resale on StockX)



As you can see, lots of movement on these shoes but people are buying them to wear and for their collections, so the margins are thin. 

Thin margins are a theme I am noticing in sneaker spec as the industry tries to control arbitrage. 


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New sneakers!

Journo music



Bought some more sneaks… the first pair I’ve paid resale for and my first purchase off StockX (which I will talk more about soon):

BaNG BaNG   :bigsmile:


Giannis Antetokounmpo signature sneakers

Silhouette: Zoom Freak 1

Colorway: All Bros 4 NBA 2k20 Gamer Exclusive


To buy this shoe one had to:

1)      Own and play NBA 2k20 proficiently enough to…

2)      Win a MyPLAYER Nation game between April 11th and April 16th

3)      Link your 2K and Nike accounts

4)      Unlock access to a real-life pair of the Zoom Freak 1 'All Bros 4' GE.


Like real basketball, I could not accomplish any of those things and thus went to the secondary market (the lady is the gamer in the fam and she doesn’t play sportgames).



I really like this silhouette, as you will read, and this latest All Bros colorway is going in the personal collection.


Also, the dam broke on disc golf and yesterday I threw Tendick Nature Park (18+2 holes) and Lime Kiln Park (9 holes).

Next up- Stock X and quick shots of the personal collection (PC)




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Whew! What a week for this blessed nation; Nothing like a thousand protestors and honking cars in my neighborhood to remind me of the smallness of life. 

For a few moments it was that initial fear like REAL wilderness... that feeling of being out of one's element and suddenly lower on the food chain. 

As for comics... seller's market for many of my collectibles right now (e.g. Dr Aphra, Spawn, Freak Brothers to name three). The urge is to make want lists for picking smaller more obscure stuff. 

That moment a collector gets priced out of a collectible- it's happening to me right now on many fronts. :cry:

Made $400 free and clear on a Make An Offer Heritage sale. It was a mistake drunken thrill bid in late 2018 and the second highest I had ever paid, so a nice moment. The process of the sale itself took over a month (less fun). 

Backed this cool ash Jim Rugg Octobriana blacklight comic on Kickstarter. This is the NEW NORMAL... $30 comics off Kickstarter  :sick:

More on Octobriana, the deep-state, counterintelligence Russian underground created by the CIA(??): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRqIYbg18sY

Part of Rugg's project is to now do FOIA requests on the public domain character. 


Disc golf!  I've played a few rounds, including 27 on Saturday... the more I play, the less I draw. Next paycheck I am going to print a few copies of my comic book for friends and family via Print on Demand. 

Finally, I've lost all the recent shoe Draws and Drops, including the Ben n Jerry's Chunky Dunky and the latest Travis Scott collaboration. That's OK... there's ALWAYS another shoe around the corner. 


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