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Star Wars podcasts! YouTube shenanigans! Actual CGC related stuff! Face it, this one has everything!



It's been a little while since I posted an update, because I've been too busy doing stuff to talk about the stuff I've been doing!

Since this is the CGC forum, I'll start with a video I made about the process of trying to submit my own comic, The Crimebusters, to CGC. Let's just say it's been very confusing, to the point where multiple CGC reps have seemed almost as confused as I am.

The main point of confusion seems to be that CGC has divided their services into two totally separate areas - the Signature Series books are handled by a totally different branch of the company than regula rbooks. This is fine if you're just sending one or the other, but since I am sending in both, nobody quite seemed sure how I'm supposed to submit the books. 

Adding to the confusion is the fact that I am a creator acting as my own witness for the SS books, but in addition to my Artist Account, I also have a personal CGC account with $150 credit that I want applied to my submissions. It seems as though I can't get the Artist rate on SS submissions if I use my own personal account credit, which basically means I'll have to pay twice as much if I use that credit as I would if I used the Artists Account and paid that way instead.

Anyway, I eventually did my best and sent it in - 4 copies of my book for regular encapsulation, and one cover sketched and signed by myself to the Signature Series. I included a long letter explaining what I am trying to do here, but I'm expecting a phone call from them some time this week asking for clarification, because honestly. This doesn't seem like it should be so complicated!

Here's the video I made about this - when I get the books back, I'll do an unboxing so I can rant about how they aren't graded as high as they should be:




I also did a slew of other videos in the last week, but for the sake of not swamping this journal, I've just picked a few that I think you'll find most itneresting.

Here's a comparison of Marvel and DC's bicentennial treasuries:


Here's a way-too-in-depth breakdown of Adventure Comics #427:



And here's another deep dive into a box of comics - this time they are war and horror books:





the final two episodes of my 6-part podcast series discussing Marvel's Star Wars have both finally dropped!

Here's part 5, covering issues #81-94 and more!

Here's part 6, covering issues #95-107!



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