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Podcast! YouTube! Kickstarter! ...I am honestly too busy right now



I've got a pantload of stuff going on right now, probably too much. But here are some updates.

On the Kickstarter front, I've announced the official launch date for The Crimebusters #3 — it's next Monday, November 16! You can check out the pre-launch page now, though, and click the "notify me" button to make sure you don't miss it. This one will be running for 17 days. 

I've also posted the latest episode of the Classic Comics Forum Podcast. Episode 29 is the final of three parts discussing Avengers #211-230, the Fall of Yellowjacket

And over on YouTube, my latest haul video is all DC romance:


Plus, on Monday I'll be doing a live launch party on YouTube for The Crimebusters #3, so you can set a reminder now to make sure you don't miss it:




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