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The Crimebusters #3 interviews, and a look at my complete run of Boy Comics!



Howdy, folks!


Just a couple quick updates. Firstly, there's just under 72 hours left in the Kickstarter for the third issue of my comic book series, The Crimebusters, so if you were planning on checking it out but haven't gotten around to it yet, now's the time!


I also have a couple interviews to share with yous.

Firstly, in this video, I speak with artist Julie Oliveira, who drew the Trixie's Mysteries variant cover for The Crimebusters #3:




And then, in this video, I'm interviewed about The Crimebusters by the folks at the Go Fund Me! podcast:



And here I am talking about making comics with the folks at Story Comic:




Plus, I've also been making some videos where I show off my complete run of Boy Comics, which inspired me to make The Crimebusters in the first place!






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