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My First CGC Submission...Has Returned!

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Well, back in February, I sent some of my books of to be graded for the first time. A great thanks to @thirdgreenham for assisting in this!

Anyways, I thought I would share and talk about the results and what I learned. So let's get started with...

X-Men #101 CGC 8.0




So originally, I had graded this as a 6.5-7.0 unpressed. I felt that the slight colour fade/loss to the top left of the banner and the fact that the back cover was dirtied would have it fall there. I tried to clean it, but as an amateur, I did not put a ton of time into it so it probably could be even cleaner. That being said, I don't intend to sell and am extremely pleased with the 8.0 grade on it. It was also pressed.

ASM #238 CGC 9.0


Another one I was way off on. I was thinking 7.0-7.5 and hoping that maybe an 8.0 could happen. There is a minor crease in the top right corner plus spine ticks so I felt that is where it would be. To get a 9.0 is awesome, extremely happy with that! Book was also pressed.

ASM #316 CGC 9.0 Mark Jewellers insert


When I sent this off, I thought it was a rarity. And it still is a more rare copy but since sending it, a handful have sold online with the MJ insert. I still love the cover and had it at 8.0-8.5 with hopes of hitting higher and it did so I am very happy with that. Book was pressed.

ASM #252 Newsstand CGC 9.0


Another one, waaaaaay offf. The spine ticks, of which there are a lot on the back as seen above, had me thinking 7.5ish. Because of that, I was kind of on the fence about sending this issue originally but decided to since it is a great cover and newsstand and all. 9.0 is a fantastic grade to get returned! Book was pressed.

Ms. Marvel #18 CGC 9.0


This one was the only slight disappointment....and really, it is no disappointment at all. Originally, I was thinking 9.0-9.2 because of a small amount of wear along the bottom edge but a part of me wondered if 9.4 were possible. Then, after I sent it off, I connected with a guy looking for a CGC 9.6 white pages and I somehow thought maybe mine would be that and we could work out a nice trade. So I deviated further in my mind from what it actually was, which was right around where I predicted. Still very happy as it is a sharp copy! It also came from a collection that was just bagged but not boarded and stored in boxes for a loooooong time. Proof that even semi-adequate storage can preserve old books...white pages too! Book was also pressed. 

ASM #300 CGC 9.2


Was anticipating 9.0-9.2, happy that I got this one right! I guess if I stuck with my Ms. Marvel grade, that is 2 I have correct so far! Book was also pressed. 

ASM #361 CGC 9.4


So this one, I was overly harsh at the staples. I also noted some ink smudge on the cover (which is tried gently to remove but did not come off...was not sure if it was production or not but factored it into the grade anyway). 8.0-8.5 was where I was, hoping 9.0 would happen so 9.4 is fantastic. Man, I grade too harshly. Book was not pressed, did not warrant it based off how flat it was. 

ASM Annual #16 CGC 9.4


Another one where I was too low. This one I did spend more time cleaning before I sent off and I am happy I did. Was thinking 9.0, maybe 9.2 so to get a 9.4 is a another win. Book was pressed

Hulk #340 CGC 9.6


This was one of the books I expected to get the highest grade...and it did. I safely went 9.4 with my guess so to get a 9.6 is fantastic. Book was not pressed, again did not warrant it due to how flat it was. 

Spawn #1 Newsstand CGC 9.6


Another one that I knew upon sending off would likely come back as one of the highest graded. Like the Hulk issue, I said 9.4 so to get 9.6 is great! Book was pressed.


So, what did I learn here? I learned that I am harsh. Technically, I was 2 for 10, and undergraded the other 8. Way too harsh in some cases, especially it seems when it comes to spine ticks, especially if that is the only real flaw. CGC does not seem like it hits that as hard which is interesting. And I mean, I counted a good half dozen or so on my ASM #252. But to be fair, everything else was sharp plus a press took out any minor imperfections. I am content though to continue grading in this way because it leads me to believe I have a lot of comics that I am grading at 8.0-9.0 that could in fact be higher. We shall see. Right now, I want to submit more but then I think about cost and I pump the brakes a bit. I will eventually but might space it out a bit. Also, I will try to share my friend's GI Joe #21 Canadian Price Variant. He sent it in and it looked rough...lots of spine ticks, cover had lots of non colour breaking bends and indents and what not. We were thinking 4.5-5.0 and he was praying that on a good day he might get a 6.0....well that sucker came back 8.0!!!!!!!!!!!! He was floored. I will share pics once he sends em, wish we had taken some before images though. 

Oh and I am still awaiting the return of the DD #1. It should be back within the month, who knows, but I will add it here when it does return. That one, I put at 1.0 so anything higher will be awesome although I dont anticipate it. Plus, with staples added to reattach the cover (as I think the original staples are were detached), it could come back restored. I hope not though.


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13 hours ago, boomtown said:

Congrats on the grades! That ASM 252 getting a 9.0 is kind of scary.

A bit. I mean it’s not gonna get sold and it’s eviden”ce to me that CGC def can have off days. That or because the front grades 9.4 and the back is more 7.5, they cut it down the middle at 9.0. Not saying that’s how I have ever graded but maybe that’s how this was viewed. Or else it was rushed or mixed up with another book 

Edited by comicginger1789
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3 hours ago, thirdgreenham said:

You did well! :applause:

And your pressing did well! Another batch will be coming your way when I get around to it. Thanks Andy!

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When you say it was pressed, pressed by CGC/CCS?  Because if they did press it, they should have also dry cleaned that X-Men back cover

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2 hours ago, Heronext said:

When you say it was pressed, pressed by CGC/CCS?  Because if they did press it, they should have also dry cleaned that X-Men back cover

No not by them. Had it done independently 

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 Besides I had the book at 6.5-7.0 tops with the back cover the way it was and some of the other flaws. Was floored to get an 8.0 and who knows a clean could push to 8.5-9.0 so maybe someday I’ll resubmit. But I’m happy as is right now. 

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