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How many copies of issue does a person really need?

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Just got done with putting a custom set together in my Registry of all my “Aurora Comic Scenes” collection doubles and realized I have more copies than any normal collector should. I mean, who needs 5 copies of the Lone Ranger issue. Oh wait, that’s not the worst of it, how about 9 copies of the Batman issue. I seem to justify the Batman issue by thinking he’s a very popular character and people will always want one of these issue as time goes by. Don’t think that’s really going to happen and some day I’ll probably just sell them at a loss. Good thing they’re pretty inexpensive. Anybody else have way to many copies of a single issue that isn’t really justified other than just a inner need to own then.




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Great question @Best2u! I know dozens of collectors who horde multiple copies of particular issues! Sometimes it becomes so obsessive that they accumulate like 10-20 copies!! lol 

For me personally, I never felt a need to acquire multiple copies of a particular issue, because there are just way too many other books on my want list that will require sufficient capital to obtain, so I just don't have the funds to dump on a duplicate copy!

However, there are times in which I purposely buy two copies of a particular issue with the intent to FLIP a copy if I feel like that particular book is going take off! I always keep a copy in my PC and sell the other one in this case!

Other times, if I already own a particular issue, but a better presenting (more perfect wrap and centering) copy comes up for auction, I will acquire the better looking copy and just sell my current copy!

Just a few times have I purchased multiple copies of a particular issue because I LOVE the cover!

In general, I focus on acquiring the best possible looking copy on my Want List...check it off...and move onto targeting another one on my list! As you are well aware, CGC collecting is quite an EXPENSIVE hobby, so my $ has to be applied to other books I'd love to acquire!

On the flip side, there are benefits to hording multiple copies of KEY comic books. I know some collectors who have acquired like 20 copies of Incredible Hulk #181 and Daredevil #1 in various grades throughout the years, which have appreciated significantly since they started stacking their copies up! NOW, they can make some serious $$$ if they choose to start selling them off to apply to a few expensive and otherwise unattainable grails they would like to acquire for their PCs!

At the end of the day, I think it's all about personal perspective and taste. I say collect what you LOVE and enjoy it; whether that is spreading out your acquisitions across multiple titles, focusing on completing a specific run...or collecting 20 copies of the same issue you love! Just do YOU! (thumbsu

-Professor Pecora

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I have multiple copies of 70s books such as The Eternals and Howard the Duck and ASM 361/362, purchased off the stands during brief but seemingly well-timed "speculative phases" in my collecting efforts.  I've also ended up with 2 or 3 copies of numerous Fantastic Four's between 234 and 388 but most of those were free.

I agree with the Prof - if you like 'em it's not "wrong" to buy them, no matter how many copies you might have.

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I have 12 copies of Batman: A Death In The Family. Its the 1st-9th print, the two prints by Titan Books, and also the new 2021 HC. I collected all of these copies so far because, when I was looking at them online I wasn't able to find anyone that had all the printings. I'm only missing the 10th-14th printings and the original four issues that make up the story. And Batman A Death In The Family is a great story so why not.




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I own the original 4 issues. It's a landmark Batman story but don't you only need one copy to read it? :) You could spend your money on other comics. The Mignola covers are gorgeous but I'm not a fan of Aparo's interior work during this period to be honest. Stops me from loving it. Ultimately though if collecting all the printings makes you happy go for it!

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I ended up with four 9.8 copies of Adventures of Superman 498. I got one from a boardie while looking for my FIRST copy… I had the other three submitted at the same time and when they all got 9.8’s I was stoked. They look sweet together and I plan on keeping them all.  This culminated a two year search at the time.

Lately I’ve been giving some thought to hoarding 9.8 copies of Superman 75… it would probably look cool with about 25 copies of that book all laid out together! :cloud9: Plus it’s a pretty easy book to find fairly cheap if you are patient.


Probably can never have enough of what you enjoy!

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UPDATE on the Batman: A Death In The Family trade paperback. And the 2nd print by DC and both 1st British Edition by Titan Books just got graded and I'm waiting for them to come back. 2nd print got a 7.0, 1st British Edition Purple letters got a 6.5 and 1st British Edition Yellow letters got a 8.0.



Batman A Death In The Family TPB Collection .jpg

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I collect every printing of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers books. I easily have 2 dozen copies of Freak Brothers #1. I constantly upgrade and never sell undercopies. There are so many ways to identify various different printings (especially issue#1) that I have found it to be a very enjoyable and rewarding pursuit.

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On nearly all graded books I'm one copy then it's been there done that.  With some exceptions:

There are few books with special meaning to me I have sought out multiple graded copies, usually one direct sale (if applicable), one newsstand and one creator or artist autographed. 

Also since I almost never sell a Comic Book I do have multiples of a bunch books I've later acquired in higher grade.

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Is 500 copies of the same comic obsessive? Or is it taking a long term look at an investment? You be the judge. I pre-ordered 50 copies of X-Force 1 when it first came out in 1991 from my LCS. Even the owner asked me if I was sure? Yup. I've been a Rob Liefeld fan from the beginning. With it being a # 1, if figured it would be a safe bet. Little did I know Marvel would sell 7,000,000? and I would have to wait 30 years for them to be worth anything. What? How did I get from 50 copies to 500? Slowly but surely. In the last 7 years, I would pick up multiple lots on E-Bay for a song. I recently sold 10 sealed copies of 1 with the Deadpool card for $35.00 each. $350.00 in one night on insta. I started with something that I liked, waited a quick 30 years and ta-da! This is the tale of the comic I own the most of. Pretty crazy, hunh?



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What's awesome about that is I remember going from store to store to stockpile the Cable card, especially with the "negative" Captain America.

Nobody cared about the Deadpool card then - although (of course) we had to get all 5. 

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Maybe, just maybe…. These were all from my own submissions while in pursuit of ALL 9.8’s for my set… just got a batch of eight back and thank goodness I had already received a 9.8 on a previous submission… it’s the lone 9.8 in the census right now.

P.S.  the last 9.8 I need is Adventures of Superman 499 3rd printing (DC Universe logo) if anyone wants to lend a hand (thumbsu

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I own 30+ Secret Wars 8, 130+ Spider Gwen 1, 20 Moon Night 1, 40+ Thor 1 (from 2014). etc...

Actually, if it looks like it might be a key someday, I get at least 10 copies.

It's not excessive if you want more ...


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