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Dover's Journal

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Dover's Journal of life in tiny snippets of text



This is about my daughter, Sarah.

Sarah was accepted to ECU, Eastern Carolina University. This will be her first acceptance. She was excited but hesitant. In her words as I remember (some added), and they are glorious:

“I was accepted but overall it seems a bit shady. See, they accepted me but they have a long list of things I need to do in order to be really accepted. I still have to finish school, send in my transcripts, keep my grades up (do not commit a felony) and all the things I am doing now. So, accepted but……am I really accepted?”

I had to laugh at that, even from a hotel room in Germany, that is classic destruction of the message in the wake of good news. She has a way of interpreting things in a manner that I would tend to run right by; she does not read the basic words as I see them. I am sure, to a teenager, the letter should have read, "hey, come to campus next year." Instead, she hears, "you can come to campus next year if you can complete a series of tasks laid out in front of you that do not include sitting on the couch and doing nothing for long periods of time. Literally, this is Thor, looking at Banner and saying, "is it though?".




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November 7, 2021

Happy Birthday dad.

For all the good and all the bad that were the most of Us

The smiles and sads along the path were filled with all the fuss.

Disney joy and corvette summer, home away from home

At times I find myself within and feeling all alone. 

I hope you're well, aloft, on high looking down and me

At times I glance and squint the sun if only I could see.




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