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Waking in a moment of time....



I call these episodes "waking in a moment of time". These are moments or realization, when you wake up and realize what is happening, what you are doing are tiny little glimpses into what makes you smile or feel alive but they happen in real time; not in reflection....

Taiwan - Jason - travel life.

"I woke up in a moment" while riding with my good friend Jason in Taiwan. I met him through work and even through a language barrier, we seem to have a connection. The people of Taiwan are bound by honor to take care of their guests, to great lengths at times, and this has been directed at me to the benefit over the years. While it may be an Asian characteristic, I find it most powerful in Taiwan. He was taking me to the airport hotel and we were in Friday night traffic, slow...stop...slow go. He had a radio station playing dance-remix music, like a Rave and I commented that I really liked it. He turned it up and we sat back and enjoyed the beat. After 10 minutes or so I realized here I am, in a car, riding around in Taiwan with a person I met on a business trip listening to Rave music with a beat shaking the windows and smiling.....just one of those moments in time.

Look for these appreciations, they will fill your soul.



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