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Neal Adams - the Superboy run



People tend to focus on keys and main stream titles but for me, the glory of Neal Adams has always been on its finest display through the 26 issue run of Superboy covers. It is almost as if DC said here you go, tell a story of a teenager in life and keep the Super Villain's out of it. Just focus on the boy, the Superboy, in a teenage body full of angst and hormones. Even if the chemistry is from Krypton kids are still kids on any world. I am 15 issues into this run and when finished, it will be my favorite Adams run. 


Superboy 143 CGC 9.6 WP.jpg

Superboy 161 CGC 9.6 WP.jpg

Superboy 164 CGC 9.6 WP.jpg



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Very nice dover.  I have two issues from the Adams run - 150 (9.6) and 151 (9.4). There are a few others I would like to acquire, 153 and 155 in particular. Good luck with completing your Adams run!

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Added two books to the Adams - Superboy collection: one raw and one graded. Both are favorites for certain. I am sure I will have multiple copies.


Superboy 160 CGC 9.6 OW-WP .jpg

Superboy 146 -Heroes CA.jpg

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If anyone owns this book and is willing to sell.....I would make an offer. I bought this raw, slabbed it so it has a deep personal attachment to my collecting heart.



Superboy 146 CGC 96 OW-WP Slobodian.jpg

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The Adams Superboy cover run. I now own more copies than I need to finish.

26 issues and I now have 17, all in CGC 9.6. I had to diverge from all WP as they just do not come to market, or at least my market.

Still need: 145, 146, 147, 148, 151, 158, 166, 167, 168


Superboy CGC 175 OW -DRC.jpg

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