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Your first job as a parent is to prepare your child to leave. This is typically a 18+ year journey and the results of your efforts are a long time in coming. I recently got a first glimpse into my teaching and preparation after learning about some of my son's college life. 

His daily routine includes getting up everyday at 7:30 (AM), working out and finishing with a cold shower before getting ready for his 11:00 classes. He only drinks water (for the most part) and looks for healthy food as best he can. Quite a routine to have in a young person at college. He spent half of his first year in virtual learning from the dorm and then at home for the second semester. So this is his first real time at college and he seems to be adapting well. Even has very good grades at the moment and is doing extra work when allowed for given assignments. He seems to be challenging himself. 

Outside the norm. I like it. I hope where he has come from allows him to make the most of where he is going. I am excited to watch the journey.



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We eat and Fest this day of thanks,
We rest and wallow stuffed like tanks.
My god the dishes in the sink
Take heed, sit down and have a drink.
We friend and family day and night
Thankful, blessed a pleasant sight.
Happy Thanksgiving
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