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Jock Signing

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Ok so I debated this one until it is probably too late, but sent it off today anyway.  Will see if I wasted shipping or if CGC will still take it. 

I have a copy of Detective Comics #880 Newsstand that I got pretty cheap that was previously graded CGC 7.0 main defect is on the back and kinda looks like it breaks color as the press more than likely will not help. Still taking a chance to see. 

Without further delay.. 2021-11-08-0001.thumb.jpg.f037650b277a46bebf19554812493e67.jpg2021-11-08-0002.thumb.jpg.6d6ba3e91e222c8e18ed3cff2c8ee0dd.jpg2021-11-08-0003.thumb.jpg.d1c6f821c85f18586363cd60253b039b.jpg2021-11-08-0004.thumb.jpg.bd9be1a0500e3330e8217622b0f0cc72.jpg

window bag and :wishluck: color.. 2021-11-08-0005.thumb.jpg.781827df55b8352c30228f2a2089a580.jpg




shippshipping acceptance reciept. 


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Recommended Comments

It showed up today.   My only criticism is that obviously Jock took the book out of the bag and signed where he wanted.  :facepalm: really wish he wouldn't as it detracts from the art. Although he seems to sign all of these right on the brow or chin so (shrug)

Anyway now the positives.  He did come close to the color Signature I asked for and this got a huge bump from the press ( issue was back right cover had two very noticeable bends/folds that I was not sure how much would come out you can see it from my old scans and raw pictures better.) 



I am posting two back cover scans as these dark books seem to get a bit of glare from my scanner so you can see the back better. 


all in all really happy with the results for this newsstand! :banana:

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