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Comic Trading Challenge- November 15th Update

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Alright, so for those who need a recap...I started with a CGC 9.6 Spawn #1 Newsstand, a CGC 9.6 Hulk #340 and $500 cash. The goal? Use the cash and books to trade/buy and sell my way to better things. The rules? Only books acquired along the way can be included in the journey. If I acquire a book I have doubles of, I can enter the duplicate (even if it is a book I acquired long ago) as part of the challenge. Otherwise, I cannot just add books from my "to sell" pile at home to this challenge.

To date, I have acquired:

TMNT #4 first print (7.5-8.5 range)

Hulk #340 Newsstand (7.0-7.5 range)

Batman #251 CGC 6.0 (upgrade on my VG raw)

Nova #1 FN/VF range 

Tomb Of Dracula #13 VG range

Marvel Spotlight #12 VF upgrade (upgrade on my FN/VF raw)

Elvira’s House of Mystery #1 in FN+ range

ASM #23 CGC 7.0

I also still had $74 in cash PLUS the following books to trade/sell:

- Wolverine #8 in 9.0-9.2 range, raw

- PPTSS #101 in 9.0-9.2 range raw

- Hulk #449 in 9.0 range raw

- around a dozen other random issues including some Wolverine books, DC Secret Origins #1 and X-Force 11


So what happened since my last update?!?! Here we go!

Sold- I sold the Hulk 449 and the Wolverine 8 for $200. My cash pile is now at $274

Bought- I bought a raw ASM #361 for $200. It was advertised as a 9.0-9.2 BUT had a stain. The seller refunded me $50. So I have ASM #361 and $124 in cash. I already own a CGC 9.4 copy of this book (albeit direct) so this was purchased with the intent of trading/selling for more value down the road. 

A Loss- So the PPTSS #101 and X-Force 11 I bought never arrived. I bought this on Facebook marketplace and appear to have been scammed! Argghhhh. Thankfully only a small loss but it hurts my challenge money. A lesson learned. This means though my cash pile drops $47 to a total of $77

Bought- A low grade Thor #166 for $20. About a 3.5. Cash pile now at $57

Bought- A low grade copy of Dell's The Creature #1 for $18. Cash pile now at $39

Trade- I traded the ASM #361 raw copy for issues 1-70 of Hellblazer, a series I have always wanted to have and read. I already own issues 1 & 2 so I kept the nicer of each copy and the others are now part of the challenge. The rest of the issues are going in the PC. Oh and $50 cash on top of the deal. So after factoring in the money to ship ($22), my cash pile is now at $67

Sold- I sold the Thor #166 for $40. Cash pile is now at $107

Bought- Marvel Super Mag Special on eBay for $50 all in. This was a sneaky find. A seller had a bunch of magazines listed and was one of those listings where you scroll through a drop down to see what issues were available. Well this was and was listed in "very good condition" however the picture looked amazing. I took a chance and well it arrived and is easily a VF-VF+ copy...maybe better. Very happy to have and right now, I am holding onto it but it MIGHT make its way into a trade or sale down the road. Either way, cash pile is now at $57.

Sold- Sold Marvel Comics Presents #1 for $15. Cash pile is at $72.

Sold- Hellblazer 1 & 2 for $40. Cash pile is now at $112.

Bought- A local shop contacted me and said they had some comics. Kind of an odd place that just opened locally, selling all sorts of weird occult type stuff but also random collectibles? Anyway they had a bin of comics and I grabbed 11, including a Spawn #1 and a Ghost Rider #28 (both books I had) for $45. From these 11, I kept Marvel Age 90 (just a nice McFarlane Spidey cover I don't have), Iron Man 281 (cameo of War Machine plus was a newsstand and sharp looking copy) and Death: The High Cost of Living #1 (fits with my desire to own more Sandman related stuff). This all brings my cash pile down to $67.

Sold- I sold the 8 comics from the above purchase for $70. Cash pile now at $137.

Bought- A CGC 9.8 copy of the Madame Xanadu #1 one shot with the Brian Bolland cover for $60. I figure it is easily worth that and will attempt to trade or sell. I have a goal in mind right now and we shall see if I can get there! Cash pile down to $77.


So where does this leave me? Well to the PC I have added:

Hellblazer 1-70 raw

Marvel Super Mag Special 16 (first Boba) VF raw

Marvel Age 90 in VF/NM raw

Iron Man 281 in NM- raw

Death: High Cost Of Living 1 in NM raw


And still remaining in the trade/sell pile, I have:

-low grade copy of Dell's The Creature

-CGC 9.8 Madame Xanadu 1

- $77 cash


As I mentioned, I have a goal in mind here or something I am chasing. We shall see what the next update brings! 


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