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Superman #75 Platinum Ash Gonzales

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This was one I decided a while back that I wanted to commission.  Here is the original book that I sent to Ash Gonzales. 


We had several discussions about what I would like to have done to this book, placement, etc and I sent the book to him to work on. The full process took roughly a year. I recieved several messages with updates and pictures throughout the process.  Here are some of those. 20210212_154508.jpg.4e91619385fe5a53405e4551fa454834.jpg20210212_154408.jpg.1a0fecd2ab4a697b66d871aa8c0fb35e.jpgIMG_20210309_194931011_HDR.thumb.jpg.1a0eba5419fe37118de1dc34c572bccd.jpgIMG_20210309_194921338_HDR.thumb.jpg.3aa32f0eda59790ee4c743cf1fc99ebd.jpgIMG_20210309_194943932_HDR.thumb.jpg.2c61f71a70176915e33ca3f3f4faed8f.jpgIMG_20210410_122100795_HDR.thumb.jpg.48037500691d5af4f741fc38e1d3c6a6.jpg20210904_190429.jpg.5b3e48db6ea7e320493485516ac6463e.jpg20210904_190429.jpg.5b3e48db6ea7e320493485516ac6463e.jpgIMG_20211210_114416373_HDR.thumb.jpg.10027ba7a0d11a901b4e3914b89911a9.jpg

It made it to CGC and actually went through the grading really quick. ( my only issue is that somewhere it picked up a couple "pressable defects "


which I think is just CGC trying to force CCS increase, but with this being oil paint on a glossy cover I didn't want to chance it lifting any of the beautiful artwork off.)  

Still I am extremely happy to have this one back with any major QC issues. Without further ado here is the final result. Note that this looks even better in hand and that I could not get the scanner glare to go away. 




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On 1/16/2022 at 2:52 PM, Iconic1s said:

That is pretty amazing!  Congrats!

Thank you. Was really hoping this would get the bump to 9.8 so that it would match my full set of platinum 9.8's still really happy with how this all came together.  

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On 1/16/2022 at 3:31 PM, 1950's war comics said:

Nice ! book looks like a slab of granite !

Thank you!

On 1/16/2022 at 5:49 PM, Troy Division said:

Fantastic commission!

Thank you!

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