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Peanuts - covers - graded and raw - ones I have, had or desperately want back



I first built a Peanuts collection 20 years ago. I got many graded and had a sweet registry set. For various reasons I sold them all for pennies based on current demand. When I got back to collecting I was able to score (4) of these from a boardie and one from E-bay. These are hard to find in grade, any grade. Kids read these, colored these and trashed them. I am happy to own these and while I would like better copies, I think I would like raw copies first. I have owned a 190 raw before but never the others. I still love the early Snoopy design as the best grasp on childhood puppy.  

Tip Top Comics 185 CGC 5.5 C-OW.jpg

Tip Top Comics 186 CGC 3.5 C-OW.JPG

Tip Top Comics 187 CGC 6.5 WP.jpg

Tip Top Comics 188 CGC 5.5 OW-WP.jpg

Tip Top Comics 190 CGC 4.5 E-Bay 4-22-2020.jpg



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Peanuts #4 - the Dell run. This is the first Peanuts titled comic book in the run which started with #4 and went to 13.  Four Color 878, 969 and 1015 are considered 1, 2 and 3. I no longer own this book but I would buy it if I ever came across it. I bought this raw at a convention in Michigan in 1994-1995. It was the first Peanuts book I ever bought and it started a passion for me. I consider it the best Peanuts cover of all time. I was also the person that had it slabbed. 

If you have it or know who has it, I would be interested in making an offer. 

Peanuts 4 CGC 94 OW.jpg

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Peanuts 1 - Gold Key run 

The second run of Peanuts lasted 4 issues. They reprinted covers from the first run. This cover is from Four Color 878.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy the CGC 9.6 copy. I paid for the privilege, but I have not regretted it. I even have an under copy that I should likely sell. 


Peanuts 1 CGC 9.6 OW-WP Gold Key.jpg

Peanuts 1 CGC 6.0 OW-WP G Key.jpg

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I've been stuck on the road for a while, but I finally came home to see this one in person. I nice little upgrade for the Peanuts collection. I have an under copy but not sure I can part with it. Even my wife said we should keep it for now.

Four Color 878 CGC 7.5 OW-WP Front.jpg

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On 2/8/2022 at 7:07 AM, Jeffro. said:

Are you aware that Four Color 878 also comes in a 15 cent variant? In case you want to add it to your want list


Thanks. Yes, I have seen the price variants. I think these can be found on a few other issues as well. I am happy to find any Peanuts at this point.

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