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Bob Hope 108

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john ivic


Just won this in the Comic Link auction. Extremely hard to find in high grade due to the dark green cover. As a matter of fact, there are only five copies on the CGC census. And only a single 9.4 has been graded higher than this one. This replaces the 7.0 slabbed copy that I've had for the last 15 years.

Artwork by Neal Adams, who began his career at DC doing the humor titles. Here we have Bob joining a biker gang calling themselves.....The Ghost Riders? Hmmm. Predates Marvel's Johnny Blaze by some four years. LOL! Enjoy.

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Those Bob Hopes are very under-appreciated, especially the Adams issues. I have a run, raw. in grade, that I'm proud of.

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Bob Hopes are ridiculously hard in grade. Definitely barbershop comics. I have to dig up my 108. In the meantime here are 2 Super-hip, monster books. The 95 is the first.

Bob Hope 95.jpeg

Bob Hope 98.jpeg

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