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Final week for my new comic on Kickstarter 😮



Well, there are just 6 days left in the Kickstarter campaign for my new comic Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam #2. And man, it's been a roller coaster ride. Nothing has gone as expected, and it's been much more difficult than the first issue. Everything's topsy turvy!

Having said that, we did hit the funding goal a couple days ago, so thank you all for your support! Now I'm hoping we can get to the stretch goals in the next few days so people can get bonus rewards, particularly the set of five new trading cards I have planned. I like to do trading cards with every issue, but the cost of producing them has gone up quite a bit in recent months, so unless we hit the stretch goal I'm not sure I can afford it this time. We'll see!

I also have on deck a new Uncle Sam print by the series artist Jay Piscopo that I'd love to be able to send to everyone. Check it out:




Additionally, I'm excited that the physical proof of my last comic, the Crimebuster 80th Anniversary Special, just arrived. Everything looked good, so I'm now just waiting for the printer to send me the comics! This is a 100-page giant featuring a never before published cover by the great George Tuska, so I'm excited just to have it in my own collection! The fact that I got to have a George Tuska cover on one of my comics is kind of amazing!

I do have a few extra copies of this available as add-ons if you back Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam, so if anyone missed it, there's a second chance to grab it.

Here's a little unboxing video I did to show the proof:


And here's another look at the Tuska cover:




Thanks everyone!!



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