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Secret Hearts 143

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john ivic


Picked this one up on eBay the other day as I continue my search for DC romance books.

Described as an 8.0, I plan to submit this for slabbing. There is only one of these on the CGC census (9.4), which shows just how tough it is to find in a decent grade. But then again, any DC books in this genre are tough to find.

Something of note here though. Neal Adams was involved with this issue. No interior or cover art work. Instead, Neal did the coloring in this book. Weird, huh?



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That is very cool. Could you tell me where it is listed that he did the colors? It is not on my master list so I just want to update. Hopefully, it is on the inside of the book.


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dover - I'm not sure where it is listed. I got this info from another CGC member years ago who had all the DC romance books with Neal Adams involved. I can't even remember the name of this person.

Like you said, hopefully it's on the inside.

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Same comment that I made! Ha-Ha! Nice coincidence.

Well at least you now have a source for this info.

I have slabbed copies of Heart Throbs 120 (9.0) and Secret Hearts 134 (9.4). Both have covers done by Adams. There are claims that he also did the cover for Girls' Romances 134 and Young Romance 154. The GR looks much more like Jay Scott Pike while the YR, though looking like Neal's work, may have been done by MR. Giordano.

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