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My Submissions in 2022

Brandon Shepherd


Not a bad year for submissions, not a bad year at all. 

Here are my self submissions from 2022.




Both of these were pressed by CCS. I’m glad I got the 9.8 on Dracula #2, it was one of only two in Universal 9.8 after I submitted it. This book came sealed with trading cards, there is no way it would have gotten the grade without a press. Honestly, I only threw in the AC #697 with the submission to make it worth the time and effort. I sent the two books to CCS in August, 2021, almost a year to the day they were received I got the results.





These three books were also sent to CCS first, in October, 2021. The MOS #18 was a LCS find, it probably didn’t need a press, but since I had a copy in 9.8, I decided I could wait and have it pressed just to be sure. I also wanted to say that I found my own copy to submit for that book just cause. The Vengeance of Bane #1 was only $5, I didn’t think it would get the grade it did, even with a press.


This Newstime special was also sent to CCS in October, 2021. I sent two copies in and both got the 9.8, there are currently only 4 in grade in the census.




These two were cheap thrills, I still had a grading credit left over for a registry award. I sent them in with a Re-Holder submission to save on shipping.



This one was a real home run, I found it for $13. It didn’t need a press so I sent a one book CGC invoice in with a CCS invoice to make it worth the shipping.

The top five:

Bram Stoker’s Dracula #2


The Death of Superman TPB

Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1

Superman: The Man of Steel #18




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