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Dell comics are good comics!


Dell comics are good comics!
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My collection of Dell comics. Dell was an incredibly prolific and diverse publisher, so my collection of mostly funny animal and cartoon characters really just scratches the surface. For example, I have none of their many westerns, war or ghost comics, no Tarzan, only a few of the movie and TV tie in books etc.

There are lots of duck books here, including

Four Color Comics: the classic Barks stories were run in the Four Color Series for many years, including the first 20 or so Donald Duck stories (until the Donald Duck series started with #26, which wasn't really the 26th...) and the first three Uncle Scrooge issues.

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories: #1 was published in October 1940 and the final Dell issue was #263 in August 1962. My focus has mainly been on issues 1 - 100, but I'll pick up nice copies of others when I get a chance.



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