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  1. This is a super necessary movie... because it seems so unnecessary. Where does it fit in? What's the point?

    All those questions in fans' minds will require to creative team to focus on making a damn good movie instead of relying on its tie-in to the next big event. Which of course, it inevitably will somehow. And we know Scarlet Johansson's got chops.

  2. 5 hours ago, Bosco685 said:


    I agree, and especially since Universal Studios still holds the Hulk's distribution rights. But it would be cool if they consider taking him to a TV show like the old Ferrigno concept to get around the movie rights issues.


    I would definitely watch that! :D I adored the '70s TV show when I found the DVD set at a flea market in 2008. But I wonder if the budget to animate the Hulk would be prohibitive for a TV venture hm 

  3. 7 hours ago, Bosco685 said:

    Some are saying this last photo of Mark Ruffalo leaving the set with a traveling bag on a pole is a hint of some solo production of Hulk on the road like the Hulk TV show.

    I finally figured out how to log back into my account on this damn fancy-schmancy new forum :banana:

    In any case, this seems like a HUGE spoiler, that I am thrilled about. I doubt this will lead to a Hulk solo adventure, but love that it leaves the Hulk open for a revisiting whenever the time is right.

  4. Same here - this thing is the bomb. I'm not really sure what most of the critics we've heard from are looking for, but for me this show has it all.

    I especially appreciate the message regarding mental illness - if your brain has the ability to subject you to such pain, then it also has the ability to consider another perspective and take action. It's perhaps an overly optimistic message, but one that should be considered nonetheless.

  5. I'm only (almost finished) episode 2 and frankly, I see where the critics are coming from. The writing feels very basic and perhaps forced at times (even though what the characters are saying and doing makes a surprising amount of sense given human nature) and Finn Jones' acting is certainly not as good as any of the other three Defenders leads. However, I can't help but be intrigued by the "mental health" element heavily played on in both of the first two episodes, especially given the timing with the release of Legion just a month and a half ago. Surely this subplot will be abandoned the second Joy commits to the belief that Danny is the real deal, but I'm happy that the show is exploring territory that the other three have not so far.

    C+ rating so far, but I'm cautiously optimistic.