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  1. Hey all! Just a reminder our auction ends at 10pm eastern! We have some massive books up including the tec 27!
  2. Hey all! update for you guys. As mentioned above we will have a 6.5 blue Tec 27 in our may 4th elite auction. This auction is going to be massive is terms of quality. We have some really really nice books lined up that have not sold publicly in quite some time. We also have some fun books ending tonight at 10PM eastern! Nothing crazy but a few cool GA books.
  3. Bottom left, Click sold lot and sort by comics!
  4. Yes I know our past sales did show up on GPA. I Believe these will as well. Thanks - Dom
  5. Just a reminder for everyone! Auction ends tomorrow at 10PM. Make sure you get at least one bid in on whatever lots you want PRIOR to 10Pm eastern or you will not be able to bid after 10PM
  6. Thats a super interesting ticket. If Arnold was in the 84 games it would have more potential. But based off what I see it wouldn't qualify for auction at goldin. Defiantly a unique one though.
  7. https://goldin.co/buy?number_of_lots=24&page=1&Category=Comics Preview is LIVE! Bidding opens tomorrow on the 10th. Get your bids in early so you qualify for extended bidding. We at goldin are planning on having a record breaking year. If you want to be a part of it, send me a message! This is going to be the first of many Elite auctions in 2022 and we have some big things planned along with a robust auction schedule. Thanks - Dom
  8. We sold the 1.0 very strongly September last year so i'm sure that helped!
  9. Hi All! Preview goes live tomorrow night but heres a few early. The auction will be live for bidding from the 10th to the 23rd of February on goldin.co I didn't take screen shots of Batman 3-10, 12 but we have the full 1-12 run available. As well as bunch of super nice silver and bronze age books. But here is the top GA. If anyone has any questions about biding let me know! We're also looking for consignments for our April elite auction. As always heathy advances and rates available. Thanks - Dom
  10. I have answered and apologized for this a few times already. Moving forward things will be different. On top of that we are trying to get away from ungraded items. I am the comics professional of staff. So if you see anything incorrect feel free to reach out. Im sure theres going to be mistakes but trust me when I say I am working as hard as I can to improve as much as I can.
  11. There is always a 24 hour preview as a minimum. Last auction we did one week. I would like to stick with the week long preview but there a lot more that goes into it then me just saying to our auction manager "hey lets do a week long preview". But moving forward as I have said before I am working towards that goal but it might not happen this time around for our Jan/Feb Elite auction.
  12. Yes that is the case. Im not sure how long this preview will be or when it will start. But there will be a preview. As I said before though I don't think were every going to run the multi month previews like HA does. We are still working out the exact preview details for this auction.
  13. Thank you for the kind words, I really appreciate that. Im working very very hard to make the goldin comic department a force to be reckoned with. Given some time I have no Doubt we will have a very very competitive product for you all. Haha Im no stranger to the boards. But im not going anywhere. I wouldn't say sandbagging. We have different kinds of auctions. Not all of them are going to elite level auctions. This past one was not. The next one will be! The goal was to launch late January. But our sports January sports auction looks like its get extended a few days. So we're looking at early February as a probable start for bidding.
  14. I know we cant do Zelle. Possibly in the future but as of right now payment options wont change.
  15. Im very sorry Richard. We had a-lot of new support staff start recently. I will make sure they are all updated ASAP. We 100% take ACH payments. It's actually preferred. If you ever have any issues please reach out to me directly. dom@goldinauctions.com
  16. We absolutely do AHC payments. Wire, Crypto, check. Pretty much any way you want to pay other then paypal/zelle.
  17. Im very sorry about that. We're going to be totally revamping how raw books are lotted and described in the future. The lots were made and described well before I stated here and I was unable to change them. This will not happen again in the future. If you want to email info@goldinauction.com and file a complaint I will vouch for how much glue affects the value of a book and how it should have been described.
  18. This auction having lower value was 100% intentional. We have all the big books going in our January auction, which is another Elite auction like the first and will have some huge books. We wanted to keep the entry point low for this one.
  19. We're totally revamping how raw books are going to be presented. This was an anomaly and is something I want to change. Picture quality will improve as well. We were having some back end issues with our regular large high res photos and had to resize most of them.
  20. The whole 1000+ lot auction was pretty much wrapped up in under 2 hours. I really don't think any of the other auction houses would have closed that quickly. Maybe CC but I doubt it. Its really not a bad system and auctions rarely last longer then this one unless its 1-2 lots that people are going for. But it a really small percentage of lots.
  21. Technically It could go on forever. But it would get really really expensive really really fast. But as far as a actual limit built into the website I don't believe there is one. The big difference from us and CC is that our bidding increments are much much larger. I dont remember exactly how much larger but 1 Goldin bid is 2x one CC bid pretty fast up to one goldin bid being 4x one CC on the top end. So at the end of the day your not waiting that much longer with goldin per lot then you are with CC.
  22. It's just how we have done things for the past 8 years. Im sorry you don't like it. Its really not that difficult once you get the hang of it. You just have to bid before 9:30. It can be a second before or right after it opens.
  23. If anyone is planning on bidding and doesn't know how our auction works please watch this! This video is about our 30 minute rule.
  24. Hey all! Auction ends tonight! Just remember you have to have to have a bid placed before 9:30 Pm eastern to be able to bid on any lots after 10 PM!