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  1. I can't make it to an LCS tonight due to a family issue... :sorry:


    This might be a stupid question, but do you guys know if stores will be able to sell leftover midnight copies in the morning, or are they strictly just for the midnight launch??


    It's a good question, I was wondering whether retailers could order a general amount, a set limit depending on previous sales or they had to show a potential party list of attendees?

  2. I've never understood people who complain about delays. They nearly always exaggerate and come across so entitled. If you can't understand that "hiccups" happen in the real world then.... (shrug)


    Bring on the personal attacks.


    I am "entitled" to my opinion, just like you. I was stating that hiccups in production create hiccups in the following. Yes, hiccups happen in the real world and I roll with it, but this is a comic forum where fans are demanding. Every aspect of pop culture has demanding fans, we are no different.


    I wasn't even talking about you.


    But people who complain about delays, particularly short delays, do come across entitled. Like a little child having a tantrum because they want their toy NOW and it's just not fair :cry:


    That's because I need MOAR!!!!!!


    I suppose what I don't understand, and this relates to a point someone else made - that people who moan about delays do so because they really love the book - how can a delay or even 2 or 3 make you go from really loving the book to not even buying it anymore? If I love a book, I have no problem waiting for it.


    Anyone reading Whispers? lol


    I've not read anyone talking about dropping the book, and a light hearted reminder to a writer / creator who has overcommitted themselves causing delays is more about making a point to him, not having a tantrum. 'What I don't understand' is how three people can all read the same passages and all take different inferences from them...

  3. Nick, take a deep breath and imagine we're all hugging you... :sick: no, but seriously, I wonder if you're not a little hyper sensitive to criticism.


    We appreciate that you're very busy, but we want our book :sumo: !!


    You don't know what it's been like for the Bedlam uber nerd out there on the mean streets of comicdom city, we've been carrying our 'read Bedlam' placards up and down telling anyone who'll listen "Read Bedlam, it's freaking awesome", people in my comic shop now call me that Bedlam guy, because everyone in there who has an ear, I'm bending it, never mind 'creator owned' how about 'fan sponsored'


    As far as we're concerned the Avengers can go to hell, and the Secret Avengers can go quietly into the night (I won't say anything about MG, 'cause I've seen you open that can of whoop ) but please Mr very talented Spencer, we need our Bedlam on time and ready for easy absorption,


    Your addicted and slightly unusual friend,


  4. That's a great price, is it in good condition? the one I bought was advertised as NM but was nearer VF+ at best :cry:


    I assume ebay? I think you are lucky if 1 in 5 ppls on there can grade properly/ship to ensure it arrives in said grade.


    Wonders where the following books are:


    1g/1h (4th and 5th)

    2 c







    They are snug in my Edgar Church style pile with the rest of my hoard :insane:

  5. I just acquired a nice raw thought bubble :acclaim:


    Nice, and I just finished my collection of NWM #1's with a CBLDF variant that I snagged for £30 in an auction - two months after I felt £75 was too much to pay and I'd wait for the price to drop :banana:

  6. lol Digital!




    I have to wait for my books and seeing as It's in my top of 5 each month I have to download it to get my fix :facepalm:


    Me too :sorry: ( I'm really looking forward to getting my copy of the TPB from Forbidden Planet, signed by Nick & Frazer - signing today )