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  1. I don't really think there is a PM group. When I sell something I usually message a little more with the person saying oh check out this too if you can find it. And a few people I have bought and sold with several times PM me saying something similar.


    Too late back tracking now, the secret's out lol you'd better get ready for a visit from the man because, as we all know "The first rule of PM club is, there is no PM club" :tonofbricks:

  2. That is a sweet piece :applause: , and in other news, received my FP copies today in excellent condition - which is pretty surprising with them hanging out the end of the bags but at least their using backing boards now (thumbs u

  3. I've personally never understood why on some books the cover artist is not the interior artist, it's the books sales window, I am very aesthetically driven and a lot of times I won't read a book if I don't like the cover art. Thankfully with this book when the thread started someone posted a pic of the Forbidden Planet #1 cover, which still kicks aass IMHO, otherwise I probably wouldn't have picked up the book and missed out on my favourite title.


    I believe I was the first person to mention that I felt that the 1st print covers directly affected the popularity of the book and I stand by that, I know Nick Spencer is a friend of Frazer's and will stand by him but sometimes you just gotta do, what you gotta do... thank Frazer for his input and move him on, get Ryan Browne to do the covers and this book will heat up big style.


    Nick if you read this, I'm sorry, but that's how I feel, still love the book and your work


    (thought I better add this after the last unexpected Nick punking of a poster lol )

  4. I read on Bleeding Cool that the Phantom variant is going to be 60 connecting issues. The first one is going to be the main character on his bike and the next 59 are just going to be the dust path he left behind when riding.



    Dude, that's funny :ohnoez:

  5. Well, sent my Forbidden Planet unsigned #1 off to be graded yesterday (fast track) hoping to have the first 9.8 on the census, can't believe there's only one qualified 9.6 on it at present :wishluck: ( also included is a Think Tank #1 limited Bagus edition that I have high hopes for, but that's for a different thread lol )