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  1. Here's my tiny 10ft x 6ft box room, small but in the perfect position - rear of the house (Sun shines across front), 1st floor, very small window, always cool.

    Wife has promised me one of the kids rooms when they leave home!, as most of my stuff is in storage








    Don't be too cruel 893crossfingers-thumb.gif

  2. Well, I did it. I released control of X-Men 58 (8.0ish) for signing. I bought the book from Pirate, at a price I consider a steal, right here on the forums.


    The book is going to NY Comicon and will eventually return to me slabbed in a SS Holder with the following sigs:


    Stan Lee (creator/editor)

    Roy Thomas (writer)

    Neal Adams (artist)


    I have to say I'm really excited about this. I know I won't see the book for a few months (the Whiz Comics 70 I submitted back in December still isn't back yet,) but I'm already picturing this little bit of SS goodness.


    Not a bad start to my SS collection.


    Books like that are what we collect for, pleasure beyond measure!! thumbsup2.gif

  3. As a collector / dealer, who originally got into comics for the sheer love of it, I would recommend a few of the following:


    (1) Collecting comics is very much like collecting art, you must have an eye for it - be aware of potentially hot artists, buy popular artists work before they die and sell it quickly afterwards.

    (2) It's much easier collecting with a partner to reign in those expensive, honestly...it will make money, purchases. If you must buy it though, you better make damn sure it makes a profit

    (3) Don't start collecting after you get married - they just think you're spending money for the sake of it! angel.gif

    & why..oh why are you on the computer again / at that convention this weekend / on the phone again - it wasn't like this when we first got married, makepoint.gif

    (4) Personal Enjoyment / Legacy - Collect to please youself and to leave your loved ones something. I started off with very little and ended up with enough to keep my family in clothes and have a personal collection that will be passed on to my sons (If they're lucky) 893crossfingers-thumb.gif

    (5) Ignore mates / friends / extended family members who think you are a 'Geek', illustrate to them 'Comic Art Potential'. It worked for me - Now there are very few dissenters, and plenty who want to buy shares! ( Or be a director of external sales or something!!) sorry.gif

    (6) For the love of God enjoy yourself & disregard all the rest, strive to be the best and achieve those goals you thought were out of reach. acclaim.gif