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Starting a magazine thread tonight at 8pm EST.

Thread will consist of near run of Help! Magazine, two Trump magazine runs, near runs of Skywald's Nightmare & Psycho plus issues of Scream, many other misc mags including #1s and lots of nice high grade copies.

Hope to see you there!


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Later today I'll be listing Zap Comix 1-13, Zap 1 a 3rd printing, all others either first or second printings, in the Golden/Silver/Bronze section. (apologies, first time doing this so I'm probably not using the correct phrasing). I have a decent sized collection of undergounds that I am looking to sell, this is the first of hopefully many listings. Thanks.

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Tonight or tomorrow will be listing this NEW group of CGC's  + some others from a previous thread..not listed below.








X-MEN #141  9.0  WHITE

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On 1/14/2023 at 3:40 PM, JazzMan said:

The government will still find you.  :baiting:

They already have .... 

This "reality" is just a virtual holographic simulation used to pacify our minds, while the elite drain our lifeforce energy to power their pleasure domes. Sorry. GOD BLESS ... 

jimbo(a friend of jesus)(thumbsu

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I hope to start a new sales thread this weekend to sell more Neal Adams under copies, some funny books and a few moderns as well.

HoM    175    CGC 8.5 WP
New Funnies    238    CGC 9.6 C-OW
JLA    155    CGC 9.4 WP
JLA    141    CGC 9.6 WP
Worlds Finest    180    CGC 9.4 OW-WP
What If    40    CGC 9.8 WP
Conan    37    CGC 9.6 WP
Phantom Stranger    18    CGC 9.4 OW-WP
Superboy    163    CGC 9.6 WP
Ronin    1    CGC 9.6 WP
Ronin    2    CGC 9.6 WP
Ronin    3    CGC 9.6 WP
Ronin    5    CGC 9.6 WP


Strange Academy 1 CGC 9.8
X-Men 4 CGC 9.8
Doctor Strange 1 CGC 9.8
Incredible Hulk 441 CGC 9.8 WP
Vigilante 1 CGC 9.8 WP
Vigilante 36 CGC 9.8 WP
Animal Man 1 CGC 9.8 WP



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