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Fantastic Four #12 CGC 9.4

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believe there are only 2 or 3 in the universe at this grade & of course this is the highest grade available on this spectacular book....i happened to be on eBay last night when this thing hit -- within 2 minutes, it jumped up to $9K -- amazing amazing amazing book......this auction will be very fun to watch popcorn.gif

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I was only looking at the pretty picture. cloud9.gif


The scan wasn't very good.

It sort of looks like COW doesn't it?

Off-white to white is right though. thumbsup2.gif



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Isn't this also the issue where the Thing and the Hulk decide to switch shorts?


Thing: Bruce, your purple biker shorts are absolutely FABulous. Where can I get them?


Hulk: Well Ben, I got them on sale at Bloomingdale's. I don't care much for the color though. Wanna trade?


Thing: I'm not sure Bruce, I borrowed these short shorts from Greggy. He may get peeved when I trade them away.


Hulk: C'mon Ben, purple is more his color anyways.

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