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I have a Cable #1 without most of the gold-foil. Sent it to CGC as it is more valuable in the green Qualified label than in the blue Universal, even noted the error on the submission form - it got a blue label.




For comparison:







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Some BATMAN #307 covers have a light blue square near the upper right corner above the CCA code and some don't.

I figure once they made the Whitman copy, they covered up the number 307 and Month.

Then they probably did another print run after the Whitman copies were made but didn't quite match up the blue/purple colour in the square?

Not sure if this is an error though?






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I have a mint copy of this error...bought over 30 years ago :lol: cool to see another



I wish my error copy of MGC #81 was close to that.



Here is an unusual error book a DC cover on a Marvel Book.



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I got this back from CGC today.


I love image. I hate Shadowhawk.


To me Shadowhawk represents the worst of every high-concept, low-quality, gimmick ridden cliche that derailed the comic book industry in the 90's.


I picked this book off the shelf the day it was released because I thought it was novel. Today I cherish the metaphor. When you strip away the die-cut foil, and remove the embossing from the cover. Shadowhawk was nothing more than the big smudge of ink you see here.


My first Manufacturing Error, and my first Qualified label.


If you like ME's then I hope you enjoy this one.

If you hate Shadowhawk, then I hope you enjoy it even more!






Clearly this cover missed a pass through the foil machine, and I guess the same machine probably does the embossing as well.

My only disappointment is that even though the label states "MANUFACTURED WITHOUT SILVER FOIL ON COVER."

I wish it would have also noted the missing embossing.


The effect is pretty dramatic for multiple reasons:

  • Of course Shadowhawk's chromey helmet is now a flat white.
  • The mysterious "WHO IS" words are missing due to the absence of the embossing.
  • The artists' signatures were also embossed and are therefore missing.
  • And the overprinting of the black obfuscates the Image logo and price, etc...


Not to be confused with the newsstand variant which was printed in flat grays.



And here is a look at the regular cover.



This is pretty cool for a hardcore Image collector like me, and a 9.8 to boot. It's a keeper.

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