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Link to large version over at FLICKR!

I have decided to post another update, though I was hoping I could find a few more covers before doing so. It appears we may have ran into a standstill for the time being. Still, I am amazed you guys found so many as it was. Thanks again, all of you who helped. :golfclap:

If you still look from time to time, and find anymore to add to the display, please share the covers here. I will be searching again from time to time, as I get the opportunity. I will share any new covers I locate here, too. (thumbsu

This is, of course, open to EVERYONE who wants to help find the other covers. :smile:



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12 hours ago, GermanFan said:

Has this been posted before?



I haven't seen it before. Thanks for sharing.

That video appears to be a compilation of TV news segments and such. Does anyone know where the footage of the 1950s-1970s sections at the beginning of the video can be found in original form online?


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13 hours ago, Badger said:

What a great Christmas or birthday! That GI Joe Frogman is pretty cool too.


Very likely it was Christmas 1962 since Spidey 1 was on the stands 12-10-62 (thumbsu then again, the kid’s birthday could have been in December too :smile:  

I checked the GI joe toy online and it is 1966. That would appear to be a 1966 GRR Spidey 1 then based on years. It certainly looks like there is a price bubble in the upper left corner and would eliminate it from being a GRR. It may even be a UK version from ‘62. It does appear the kid was gifted the comic and toy at the same time. What a great feeling :x

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On 9/5/2020 at 9:37 AM, woowoo said:

Got this pic from a facebook friend how cool is this and the 12 cents is there.

Spiderman 1 1963 photo.jpg

I think that's an original Spider-man 1.  My guess is that the boy was a big Spider-man fan and his parents found the first issue at a used bookstore or something.  But I believe this photo is almost certainly from 1966-67.

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Norfolk Virginia March 1941

Some of you may have already seen these photos from the Library of Congress but I took a closer look at some higher resolution images and found some nice comics on this newsstand.
These newsstand photos were taken by John Vachon in Norfolk Virginia in March 1941.
The higher resolution photos allowed me to see all the comics and many of the magazines on the racks.
Comics are located on the middle rack next to the newspapers. I’ve made a closeup of the comics and can you identify all the comics? I made a list of issues that I see.


Amazing Man 21, All-American 25, All Star 4, Blue Bolt 12, Big 3 #2, Blue Ribbon 11, Big Shot 12, Capt Marvel 1, Capt America 2, Catman 1, Champ 13, Crack 12, Crackajack Funnies 33, Daring 7, Exciting 9, Fight 12, Famous Funnies 80, Fantastic 17, Feature 43, Flash 16, Funnies 54, Flame 4, Green Mask 4, Green Hornet 3, Hit 11, Jumbo 26, Jungle 16, King 60, Reg’lar Fellers Heroic 5

Can you spot Capt America 2, Capt Marvel 1, Catman 1 or Exciting 9 (1st appearance & origin Black Terror)?

Other racks are filled with romance, adventure, detective, western and other magazines. As you can see pulps were stacked almost to the ceiling in the other photos.

An interesting item on the right side of the third photo is a vintage arcade game. That game is a Mutoscope Sky Fighter arcade game from 1940 where you try to shoot down enemy planes while looking through a scope. I found a color photo, promotional flyer and a youtube video of a working version of the game.



norfolk va 3-41a.jpg

norfolk va 3-41cu.jpg

norfolk va 3-41c.jpg

norfolk va 3-41b.jpg

norfolk va 3-41d.jpg

mutoscope sky fighter.jpg

skyfighter ad.jpg

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