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Here is a really tough one...try to find the comics:




Don't know where the comics are but this photo was taken sometime in early 1941. The Lone Eagle pulp ran from Sept 1933 to June 1941 while Exciting Love's first issue appeared in Winter 1941 so this puts the picture around January 1941.

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Wow, this one really can give some perspective on grading older books. Most of those wouldn't even make a 6.0, and that's fresh off the newstand!


Great thread. It really puts things into context to see GA comics on the rack. They really were treated just like any other periodical sitting on the newstand. It's like seeing a painting of someone using the ark of the covenant as a footrest.

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Well, since no one has tried to name any out of the pic I posted... starting at the bottom rows and going up behind the man:


left (not sure looks like a pulp) right:14561_4_011.jpg


left: 16555_4_006.jpg Right: (Jungle Comics cover, not sure issue)


left: 10511_4_006.jpg right: 756_4_006.jpg


left: 18564_4_012.jpg right:12582_4_004.jpg


This next one was tough

left: 68_4_0192.jpg right: 11874_4_006.jpg


left: 622_4_009.jpg right: 284_4_10.jpg


left: 13147_4_003.jpg right:(issue #158 of King Comics but no scan available)


left: 776_4_007.jpg right: 160_4_73.jpg


left: 13465_4_009.jpg right: 758_4_010.jpg


left: 12490_4_055.jpg right: 12637_4_021.jpg


left: 14135_4_002.jpg right: 680_4_009.jpg


left: 12631_4_081.jpg right: 13460_4_006.jpg


left: 781_4_010.jpg right:(True Move and Television magazine)


left: 15391_4_002.jpg right:(The New Adventures of Peter *something*)


left: 228_4_57.jpg right: 15615_4_001.jpg


Ok, that's it for the rack behind the man... anyone want to take a stab at the couple of rows at the bottom in front of him?

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I went to the York Heritage Library and looked up old photos today of the city of York. There were about 4 out of 1500 that showed anything of interest. Only 2 of which could I really see old comics or magazines. One was from 1935 but the mags were pretty grainy and hard to make out. It didn't look there were any comics either, just Detective and Western Pulps. The better one was from 1955 with 3 racks of comics but you could really only see the titles. What was interesting was one of the 3 racks was of Classics Illustrated only.


Anyway, To get the photo scanned at a high level dpi would cost $20 per photo so I haven't thrown down the coin yet. Especially since you really couldn't see the covers in full. If I saw a picture like those in this thread I probably would.


Titles included.


Girls of Romance

Our Fighting Forces

Katy Keene

Jimmy Olsen

Daredevil (GA)


Heckel and Jeckel

(A Harvey book Hury or Huny?)


but no real superhero or horror books.


Anyway, it was a fun memory lane and I highly recommend going to that part of your library if you ever have the chance.



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Alton is correct. The Action is #21, and the Silver Streak is #2. Counting from the left, the 6th book over is Flash Comics #2.


Great pic!


I concur. Circa February 1940. I don't see a More Fun 52...

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